866: How To Break Through Societal Norms Through Self-Confidence, Transform Fear Into Opportunity, Why Representation Matters, & More

May is AAPI Heritage Month and Mental Health Awareness Month and I wanted to start this month with something different. A couple months back, I was fortunate to be interviewed on Discover More Podcast with Benoit Kim.  Here’s a summary of the episode!

“Sheena Yap Chan is a Canadian keynote speaker, published author, and top 0.5% globally ranked podcaster. Sheena’s show: The Tao Of Self-Confidence is a top 0.5% globally ranked podcast with over 800 prolific Asian women leaders interviewed in the past 7 years, providing unique insights into the realm of leadership and confidence-building.

Loving ourself doesn’t always mean loving the good parts. It’s loving theGood, bad and the ugly and being okay with that. Sheena always loved the best parts of me, but was the worst critic when it came to the worst parts. Welcome to discover more podcast.

Study shows that top woman leaders in Fortune 500 companies had higher retention rate, higher productivity, higher happiness, healthier, and more robust culture. She says leadership isn’t confined to male or female or gender per se, but we do need more representations.

In 2022, Asian women are still seen as objects that they can order off catalog. She says an article promoting Asian male order brides used derogatory language. We need to call out the injustices that’s happening, Sheena says.

Mail order Bride is basically a website that you can pick a bride off of there and basically pay for it. You can bring them from different countries to the States. A lot of these women are from developing countries. They are lured here because it is luring under the disguise of American Dream.

Sheena: For me, it’s always just creating better representation. Asian women are also seen as quite submissive and obedient. We need to dismantle these negative stereotypes we go through. I want Asian women to be seen as the leader that they’re meant to be.

Sheena Yap Chan: Why shouldn’t guys be afraid of powerful women who boss up? Because confidence, it’s inspiring for everyone.”

Hope you enjoy today’s episode.

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For AAPI Heritage Month and Mental Health Awareness Month, I am fundraising for a Library Donation Drive and the goal is to send 3,000 of my upcoming book, The Tao of Self-Confidence, to public libraries across the US.  I would love your support if you can gift a book (or books!) to a library in need or share this cause with your network.   

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