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The Tao of Self-Confidence is a podcast created for you, the woman who is on her inner journey to self the tao of self confidence confidence no matter what stage you are at. If you are looking for inspirational stories and advice during your daily commute, workout or just “me” time, Sheena Yap Chan delivers the goods. Each episode brings you an amazing woman who shares her journey: her life before the discovery, the “AHA” moment, life after her discovery and the advice she gives to the listener that she can apply in her own life. The journey to self confidence starts with a single step, are you ready to take that first step?

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Women Have Been Needing A Podcast Like This!!!!! (Some Reviews About The Podcast)

I’ve been a long time podcast listener, particularly in the realm of personal development.  However, something I’ve found frustrating has been so many of the podcasts I’ve encountered have been geared towards men and how they can build confidence to the promotion, girl, job, dominate, be alpha etc. While I recognize that the tips they provide can be applied to women, I’ve often felt excluded listening to these podcasts and found myself wanting a show specifically geared towards my gender.  Now it seems I have finally found what I’ve been looking for and so far your podcast has been wonderful.  I feel like a group of supportive women behind me in listening to it and it’s inspiring to hear the stories behind successful women who have been through similar struggles as me.  I’m happy you’ve made this podcast.

As women we often are juggling so many balls in the air and we tend to forget to take care of ourselves to nourish our soul and believe in ourselves.  If we could see ourselves as others see us and if we could connect with other women like Sheena does so beautifully in The Tao Of Self Confidence, we begin to see that we are not alone.  In some way, or another we each are going through the same journey.  The Tao Of Self Confidence is inspiring and heartwarming.  It connects us to a beautiful sisterhood that portrays beauty of feminine spirit.  Thank you Sheena!

Often times it’s hard to connect with people without knowing where they came from.  I enjoy the real stories coming from real women and their stories before their AHA moment until now on this podcast.  I think it really helps me feel like I’m not alone and that’s easier than I think to move forward and live a life I feel like I deserve.