234: It’s Ok To Be Different With Paulina Vo

By way of the west coast, and some southern states in between, Paulina Vo is a singer, songwriter, and music maker now based in It’s Ok To Be Different With Paulina VoBrooklyn, NY. Her fourth release, “Weekends,” is a 5-song self-written and self-produced EP with final touches from long-time friend and producer, Joey. Inspiration for the EP ranges from Sara Bareilles and Lianne La Havas to Chet Faker and Jessie Ware. Currently, Paulina is recording a full-length LP which is a follow-up to “Weekends”, and further explores her internal universe of uncertainty, curiosity, loss, love, and everything that intervenes. “Weekends” will be released independently and available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

Paulina used to be ashamed of who she was because of her cultural background.  Growing up in the United States she knew that she was different from the rest.  Find out how she was able to love herself and her culture along with learning that being different is good for the soul.


Paulina Vo is a singer, songwriter, and music maker now based in Brooklyn, NY.

Cultural Background

Paulina is of Vietnamese and Cantonese descent.

Favorite Self Confidence Quote

The other side of someday.

The other side of someday.

Definition of Self Confidence

Most people would say it’s being comfortable in your skin and being assured of who you are. Paulina definitely agrees, of course, but she thinks there’s also a lot of self-awareness that should be included/involved. Paulina thinks we all feel over confident, looking back, as teens. It’s great to feel like you can accomplish anything but also smart to understand that great accomplishments include sacrifice beyond your wildest imagination and discipline. Of course she is speaking for herself, she can’t say that she has accomplished everything she sets out to.  What’s the fun in that? But having that awareness paired with the other two qualities has given her a solid foundation.

Her Life Before the Discovery of Self Confidence

Paulina always had that young spirited-type of confidence but she was never satisfied with a lot of aspects, or she was in denial of how much she knew.  But there was a lot of doubt, a lot of need for validation. Paulina thinks she’s still kind of like that today though, to be fair. It’s certainly shifted in a more healthy way.

The “AHA” Moment

Moving across the country to New York. It advanced her perspective and gave me some fire, gave her some meaning to what she has felt from her upbringing. She was okay with being Asian.

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Her Life After the Discovery of Self Confidence

Paulina understands who she is in a crowded room. She is not as afraid to be herself, something she fights a lot actually. She us more honest with herself nowadays and is actionable about it.

The One Self Confidence Tip For the Listener

Listen to yourself as much as you can. Let the experiences of your life wash over you with every decision you make and understand why you make them. Reflection is huge, don’t dwell! Replay them and move on to the next!

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