314: Discover Your Personal Style With Julie Thai

Julie Thai is a fashion and lifestyle blogging, and a part-time interior designer from Orange County. She currently is a student Discover Your Personal Style With Julie Thaiat California State University, Fullerton and she is studying to become an elementary teacher, but she also does fashion and lifestyle blogging along with a little bit of interior designing on the side.  Her Instagram account @lovejuliethai is also where you can find her love for fashion.

Julie used to seek confidence from others trying to imitate the fashion bloggers she looked upto when she first started.  She soon realized that when she started to discover her own personal style, that’s when she had more confidence to be her authentic self and stopped living a life dictated by others.


Julie Thai is a fashion and lifestyle blogging, and a part-time interior designer.

Cultural Background

Julie is of Vietnamese descent.

Favorite Self Confidence Quote

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

Definition of Self Confidence

Fully live your life and not let others dictate it.

Her Life Before the Discovery of Self Confidence

Before discovering self-confidence, Julie felt like she was pretty insecure and she always seemed unsure about a lot of things. She was seeking her own self-confidence from others as well.

For example, Julie used to look at how her favorite bloggers dressed and wanted to be so much like them, so she would imitate their style, their façade, and so on. But she felt like everybody had that stage, where they’re just trying to figure themselves out and she thought that’s what she was doing.

The “AHA” Moment

Julie’s AHA moment was probably during her earlier years of college. It was when she actually started paying more attention to herself, what was beneficial to her and tried to reach that goal;

She ultimately started to not let others affect her too much in the way that she lives, as well as not trying to keep up with others or things that she would see online. For Julie, it was more of discovering her own personal style.

Julie feels like now, she just really dresses for herself and not for others. For example, she has an Instagram that she posts fashion and outfits on and back then, she used to feel the need to have a lot of clothes just because she was always posting outfit of the day photos. It just got to the point where when she went out, she would stress about what to wear and she had to make sure she wasn’t repeating any outfits because she felt the need to always post different outfits every time, just things like that.

Now, it’s the complete opposite.  Julie is decluttering her wardrobe and she no longer is stressing out about what to wear on days when she is out, which is really nice.

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Her Life After the Discovery of Self Confidence

Going back to how Julie used to really look up to bloggers and people on social media; She just thought they were really cool and they always seemed to carry themselves so well. But overtime, she realized that it was just an unhealthy obsession that she was creating for herself because they’re always going to be who they are or how they want to perceive themselves.

She also realized that she shouldn’t be living in anybody’s shadows, not being a complete replica of somebody that she admired. When Julie finally was able to let go of that and just stayed true to herself, it just felt so freeing. She felt like she had less stress, and it just definitely made her happier as a person.

The One Self Confidence Tip For the Listener

Self-confidence isn’t what you stumble upon overnight. It definitely takes the right mindset to get to that point in your life. Everybody has different journeys and everybody will have different experiences, but for the most part, being mentally positive and not lettings others affect your thought process is a great start.

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