730: Finding Clarity With Jennette Cajucom

Jennette Cajucom is the Philippines’ Editor for Marketing in Asia. She is also a passionate CEO of The Digital Commuter which Finding Clarity With Jennette Cajucomhelps entrepreneurs and business owners find their true voice and translate that into a more human centered brand.  Her mission is clear and simple, to bring the human connection back into digital marketing.  She doesn’t just educate but she also teaches you how to build relationships to your most important stakeholders. To bring you back to the way it was, the way it should be, to make you understand that it’s not about the destination but the journey. And that every part of a journey is an opportunity to connect and build a relationship with your clients, your investors, and your employees.

Jennette shares how finding clarity helped her build confidence, become more free and be the powerhouse Asian woman that she is today.

Also, this will be the last episode before the holiday break and new episodes will start on January 6, 2020.  Happy Holidays!


Jennette Cajucom is the Philippines’ Editor for Marketing in Asia.

Cultural Background

Jennette is of Filipina descent.

Favorite Self Confidence Quote

Learn to create clarity and your confidence will soar.

Learn to create clarity and your confidence will soar.

Definition of Self Confidence

Self confidence is finding clarity within you.

Her Life Before the Discovery of Self Confidence

During the early years of Jennette’s career, everything was pretty much fueled just by the financial aspect of success, the drive to make money. While it was achievable, Jennette realized later on that it was exhausting.

There are 168 hours in a week and Jennette recalls working 120-130 hours of that every week, taking care of 3-5 clients simultaneously. She suffered lack of sleep, zero social life and depression. Her health took a toll on her eventually. Jennette felt that while she delivered results based on her clients’ expectations, she felt it just met minimum requirements – no WOW factor, no depth, no meaning.

“I felt I could do more but was just too worn out and exhausted to go the extra mile.”

The “AHA” Moment

For Jennette, it was actually more of a moment of realization and clarity. Unlike other situations, hers was a bit of an emotional awakening kind of thing. She realized that all the work that she’s been doing in the past – regardless if she liked doing it or not – was actually preparing her for the life she has today.

All the years Jennette was just doing work she could monetize on – all those years that stressed her and burned her out was actually teaching her to find that concurrence (her Ikigai), as well as how she can make it more about meaningful work.

She has eventually learned to stop playing the blame game and the complaining. Instead, she shifted her perspective and instead asked herself the question, “What is life trying to teach me?”

When she finally got the answers, it was like liberation from a bondage that she had just created in her head.  When she saw the clarity, she felt free.

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Her Life After the Discovery of Self Confidence

Jennette’s friends and former coworkers were actually the first ones to notice the manifestations. A lot have said she looked genuinely happier in her photos. She started to engage in more meaningful conversations with them. They said they could really tell that she was enjoying what they now consider as the new chapter of her life.

Moreover, Jennette felt at peace and empowered. After she started really giving her heart and soul to
work – after giving real value – the right opportunities starting knocking at her door – from collaborations, to partnerships, to client projects, even to opportunities she never thought she deserved.

With the transition along came Jennette’s desire to also empower others – mostly women who were in the same journey she had been.

The One Self Confidence Tip For the Listener

Take time to find the clarity within yourself. Know who you are and your purpose, because who you are is your gift to the world. When you get to that point, you’re on the road to self-confidence.

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