826: Asian Women Who Boss Up With Liza Millan

Liza Millan is the CEO and Executive Producer of Masterpiece, her event and promotionalAsian-Women-Who-Boss-Up-With-Liza-Millan marketing company.  She started her first business when she was 19 years old, providing online travel and ticket services in California.  She worked her way up the corporate ladder then when she was introduced to the crazy, exciting world of marketing and events, Liza knew, intuitively, that she had found her passion. She experienced working for some of the Top Fortune 100-500 companies like Adobe, HP, Cisco, Yahoo, OATH, AOL, Magento, Google, Intel, Deloitte, and many more, where she managed and produced face to face marketing event experiences internationally.  In 2012, while she was raising her only son, armed with an entrepreneurial spirit and harnessed with her solid events management background, she started Masterpiece.  As an entrepreneur, Liza’s hard work and dedication has earned her a spot in the Top 80 Event planners and Marketing CEO in the nation.

Liza shares her excitement for the book and why it is essential to create a stronger representation of Asian women by being an author in Asian Women Who Boss Up.

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