825: Asian Women Who Boss Up With J. Han

J. Han is a first-generation Korean-American woman raised as an only child in San Diego, CA by twoAsian Women Who Boss Up With J. Han powerhouse ladies, her mom, Jeong Min, and grandma Kyung Suk. She grew up embracing her Korean culture by loving Korean food and speaking Korean. J. Han’s hard work ethic, resilience, faith in God, and love of service has been influenced by her mom. Jeong Min, at age 19 immigrated to the United States of America by herself to study and bring her two younger sisters and parents to the states.  During Covid-19, J. Han started shifting careers and now offers financial education by helping families prepare for their future. J. Han is committed to guiding people to inner peace and freedom through the work of Landmark as an Introduction Leader and through facilitating guided meditations with her crystal singing bowls. Every morning she thanks God for a brand new day to create and play and for her loved ones. She ends the day writing three gratitudes calling it the Gratitude Attitude practice. J. Han shares her excitement for the book and why it is essential to create a stronger representation of Asian women by being an author in Asian Women Who Boss Up.

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