723: Give Yourself A Chance With Angela Cheng

Angela Cheng is an actress based in New York City.  She used to be a teenage celebrity in Taiwan.  She came to the United States Give Yourself A Chance With Angela Chengfor full concentration of schooling.  Becoming famous at the age of 14, the work load and crowds in front of her classroom definitely stopped her from going to school full time. When she was at her peak time of her career, she made the biggest decision to go to somewhere else that no one knows her and have a simple student life.  Fast forward, she completed her college degree in California. Life took a toll on Angela when she went through
depression and an eating disorder.  She went back to Taiwan to heal and work part time for her family.  Her family situation was not ideal for me for her mental health. Deep down knowing moving out of the environment will speed up her healing process.  She picked a place that has more work opportunities which is New York.

Angela used to be insecure about who she was when she moved to the United States because she wasn’t American enough but after she gave herself a chance to be her true self, life was better for her.  Check out her episode to listen to her story.


Angela Cheng is an actress.

Cultural Background

Angela is of Taiwanese descent.

Favorite Self Confidence Quote

To overcome fear is the quickest to gain confidence.

To overcome fear is the quickest to gain confidence.

Definition of Self Confidence

Self confidence is fearlessly being your authentic self.

Her Life Before the Discovery of Self Confidence

Angela used to not need audition because she was famous?!

Things changed when she moved to New York, people here didn’t know her.  She started to attend lots of auditions. At the beginning, she didn’t get any roles because she thought it was her accented English.  Angela was so disappointed, she tried to act like someone else. She went to dialect coach. She just want to be American, act like American, talk like American or ABC.  She tried so hard, her accent got better, but she still was not nearly act or speak like American.

Angela felt super uncomfortable trying to be someone else that she was not good at at all.  She didn’t love herself because she failed so many times and thought she was worthless because no one wanted her.

The “AHA” Moment

Angela realized she had to rethink the whole insecurity issue.  It was simply, she was not herself.  She decided to just give being herself a chance.  She felt more comfortable than ever before.  Being comfortable to be authentic is confidence to her.

She still has her accent, but it adds a touch of her own personality and background. She acknowledged that she didn’t do anything wrong.

One casting director told her, he could tell she was more having fun than before and people saw it through her eyes, her movements. Auditions get much easier!

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Her Life After the Discovery of Self Confidence

Angela has less tension on the body.   Life gets easier and things don’t stress her out as it used to because she believes in herself.  She loves herself and take better care.

Friends started to ask her tips on how to be happier and more confident.  She deeply wants to inspire them with her own experience. She thinks everyone should feel comfortable of who they are that’s the first step of confidence.

The One Self Confidence Tip For the Listener

Face the fear/ insecurity you have, and find ways to address things that’s not serving you.

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