57: Your Voice Matters With Michelle Dowell-Vest

Michelle Dowell-Vest is a writer, community reporter and random ranter. She gets to speak her true voice through her Your Voice Matters With Michelle Dowell-Vestwriting and speaking but it was never like that in the beginning.

In fact, Michelle hid alot of things from people such as being a gay woman because she didn’t want to rock the boat and she used to be a big people pleaser. Find out what it took her to get out of people pleasing and finally realize that her true voice matters in the world.


Michelle Dowell-Vest is a writer, community reporter and random ranter.

Cultural Background

Michelle is part Sicilian, Irish and Cherokee.

Favorite Self Confidence Quote

My Voice Matters.

My Voice Matters.

Definition of Self Confidence

Is the ability to show up, unapologetically in your truth and transparent to the world.

Her Life Before the Discovery of Self Confidence

Michelle lived to please others, hid the truth about her sexuality and depended on religion for self worth.

The “AHA” Moment

Michelle had several “AHA” moments such as coming out as a gay woman, speaking her mind and using her own intuition to understand the world instead of her religion.

She was more happy since she stopped caring what others thought of her.

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Her Life After the Discovery of Self Confidence

For Michelle, life after the discovery has been challenging.  Deciding to be authentic and live in self confidence for her is just the beginning of a long journey of discovering patterns of self sabotage and learning new tools  of self confidence.  It is hard work to look at her pain and face it.  It is even harder work to sit and be present with it.  But it’s standing in it, being present with it, that teaches her the most about herself.  I am grateful for those moments.  I learned who I was there.

She also lives a more free life now that she came out.  She has a partner that loves her and a business launching that will be a success for sure.

The One Self Confidence Tip For the Listener

Find the source for your lack of self confidence.  Where did it begin?  Who contributed to it?  When did you decide they were right?  Why did you decide they were right?  Why did you believe them? Find the source.

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