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Why meditation for women can have exponential benefits

Why Meditation For Women Can Have Exponential Benefits

There are so many women today who find themselves overwhelmed by their responsibilities and their struggle to find balance between career, relationships, friends, family, finances and personal fulfilment.  Finding this balance can seem difficult or at times even impossible—but it doesn’t have to be. There are so many women today who are learning to find the balance and inner peace that they seek through the art of meditation. It can help many women find happiness, success and even feelings of control. For the many women who feel like they are constantly working and grinding but just don’t feel like they [...]

226: Making A Better Tomorrow With Sabrina Wang

Sabrina Wang is the founder of Sauce Ink which is a social commerce platform to discover and shop for things you love.  She provide her members an easy means of creating their own website, blog, ecommerce and more to reach users immediately. Her aim is to help brand owners understand their customers and connect them while creating great experiences. Sabrina was once a shy girl and even bullied by her peers.  One moment in her made her realize what she was capable of to build a better tomorrow.  Tune into today's episode to listen to Sabrina's story to self confidence. Bio Sabrina Wang is the [...]
Boost Your Confidence Through Travel With Melly Lee

228: Boost Your Confidence Through Travel With Melly Lee

Melly Lee is a conceptual photographer with a BA from the University of California, Irvine whose clients include Google, Warner Bros., LEGO, and Harper Collins. Once you go down the rabbit hole with Melly you'll also realize that she is an imaginative adventurer who doesn't believe in “can’t” “no” and “don’t.” Melly used to be very cautious and was taught to go the safer route in life but she knew deep in her heart she wanted more.  Find out how a trip to New Zealand was able to open her eyes to new opportunities and experiences to be the person that she is today. [...]

224: Live Life The Way You Want To Live With May Lee-Yang

May Lee-Yang is an award-winning playwright and performance artist. She is most well-known for her play, Confessions of a Lazy Hmong Woman, which has been toured nationally and was translated into a Hmong-language production. She often teaches theater and creative writing through COMPAS, Mu Performing Arts, the St. Paul Public Library, and Letters to Our Grandchildren, a theater project with Hmong elders. May would live by the opinion of others which led her to believe she had to be someone else in order for others to accept her.  Sick and tired of living life for others, she knew if she [...]
Fake It Till You Make It With Helen Chong

299: Fake It Till You Make It With Helen Chong

Helen Chong is the broker owner of Haylen Group.  She had a vision to create financial independence towards retirement one client at a time through real estate. Haylen Group’s mission is to serve each of their clients as if they are their partners, to act and advice them with their best interest in mind for their real estate purchase and sale. As a small real estate firm, they only work with agents who share the same mission. We enjoy helping our clients, by delivering an exceptional service. Helen wasn't always this confident.  In fact, she was always focusing on all the [...]