897: Choose Yourself Everyday With Ashley Araujo

Ashley Araujo is a Global Contingent Sourcing Manager for Salesforce.  She is results driven, analytical, strategic and a Global MSP Program Management professional who has enhances her career by obtaining a Procurement or Program manager position within a PMO while supporting contingent workforce solutions. Ashley obtained certification in State and Federal employment law.  She is a proven leader who can manage multiple projects and programs while fostering teamwork through consistent communication, collaboration and adaptability.

Ashley shares the importance to choose yourself everyday and what led her to learn to do the same.  She also shares tips that can help you in your own journey to self-confidence.  Ashley is also part of the USPAACC WISE, a program intended for AAPI Women that would strategically address core issues and create lasting impact in their professional and personal lives, thus empowering and uplifting them in creating and choosing their own personal choices. 


Ashley Araujo is a Global Contingent Sourcing Manager for Salesforce.

Cultural Background

Ashley is of Nigerian and European descent.

Favorite Self Confidence Quote

I love myself for who I am but I also love myself for who I am becoming.

Definition of Self Confidence

Self-confidence is learning to be happy at the present moment and learning to love yourself at the present moment.

Her Life Before the Discovery of Self Confidence

Life was chaotic for Ashley.  She was an anxious child and teenager.  Ashley also felt like she didn’t belong growing up as a mixed race child.

The “AHA” Moment

Ashley was promoted in her previous job and she was amazed that someone believed in her ability to do her job well.

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Her Life After the Discovery of Self Confidence

Ashley feels reinforced in who she is as a person and the decisions she makes.

The One Self Confidence Tip For the Listener

Don’t give up.  Wake up and choose yourself everyday.

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