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The Foundation Of Self Confidence With Amanda Suk

407: The Foundation Of Self Confidence With Amanda Suk

Amanda Suk is a self-proclaimed “creative nomad” with an affinity for storytelling in various formats. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri followed by a 5-year stint in NYC and now residing in LA — Amanda is an eclectic blend of all the cities that cultivated her. She is particularly fond of making, at the very least, herself laugh with awkward and/or ill-timed bad jokes. Amanda has trained at Scott Sedita Acting Studio with Tony Rago in the Sitcom program as well as studying previously under Donna Morong in the Professional Scene Study class at AquilaMorong Studio. She continues to […]
A Year Of Yes With Kim Bui

406: A Year Of Yes With Kim Bui

Kim Bui is an online journalist, with experience in creating Web sites and thinking about how content works on various platforms, whether social media or a new technology.  She has run marketing campaigns, created data visualizations, developed strategy social media portals, and created and led large-scale newsroom projects. In short, she is a writer who enjoys the nerdy/tech side of journalism. Kim wants to change this industry back into a thriving one and help make great stories even greater. Kim decided to have a year of yes which meant she said yes to the opportunities that was presented to her.  […]

405: A Community Of Confidence With Elaine Dolalas

Elaine Dolalas is a Historic Filipinotown-based writer, This Filipino American Life podcaster, and independent curator. She curates Color Your Troubles Away, an arts event that offers stress relief, healing, and meditation through coloring. Elaine is happily trying to figure out the secret of life through writing, volunteering, and most importantly avoiding cleaning her room, much to her husband TFAL producer Mike’s chagrin. Elaine had some dark moments in her life.  It was having a community of women who helped her along the way, gave her the confidence to keep pushing to be the amazing person that she is today and be […]
An Outlet To Confidence With Jessica Lesaca

404: An Outlet To Confidence With Jessica Lesaca

Jessica Lesaca is a social media content creator.  She currently freelances across several social media platforms such as Instagram, Vine, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook. She began her career in social media in 2013, making videos on Vine. Her content was branded as situational comedy and dance videos. Jessica was able to grow a Vine following of over 300K, which allowed her to grow her other social media platforms. Today, she has a collective following of over 660K and because of her following, she has been approached by brands and agencies who commission her as a content creator for their […]

403: Coming Out Of Your Shell With Danielle Oda

Danielle Oda is a musician and also 1/2 of Perry and Danielle.  Perry & Danielle is a two-piece pop group from Honolulu, Hawaii with lead vocalist/keyboardist Danielle Oda and vocalist/drummer Perry Sekigawa. Together, Perry & Danielle make a dynamic duo in the music they create, drawing on personal experiences and turning them into a song. Their sound contains smooth, piano-based instrumentation with soulful melodies, creating a twist on pop-alternative-soul. Danielle used to be shy and thought her words never mattered.  She shares how she was able to come out of her shell and have the confidence to do what she loves […]