445: Stand Up For Yourself With Tracey Nguyen

Tracey Nguyen is an ecommerce entrepreneur and cofounder of Lipstick And Muffin Media where she helps female Stand Up For Yourself With Tracey Nguyenentrepreneurs/bloggers to build their online empire. She provides you with services that customized to you and your business’s needs. From one on one coaching, website building to SEO & social media management, Tracey has what you need to grow and succeed as an incredible female entrepreneur that you were born to become.

Tracey shares about her life when she first moved to Canada from Vietnam, her struggles such as being bullied and how she stood up for herself to be the confident woman that she today.  Check out her episode to listen to her story.


Tracey Nguyen is the cofounder of Lipstick And Muffin Media.

Cultural Background

Tracey is of Vietnamese descent.

Favorite Self Confidence Quote

Be you and do you! The right people will come and stay.

Be you and do you! The right people will come and stay.

Definition of Self Confidence

Self confidence is when you love yourself and understand your value enough to know that you are not less or better than anyone else.

Her Life Before the Discovery of Self Confidence

Tracey went through a lot of struggles in order to find her self confidence and her own identity. When she first came to Canada at the age of 16, she was a quiet and insecure little girl. The culture and language difference definitely did not make things easier for her either.

Going through public high school in Toronto was a pretty tough chapter. You know how kids could be inconsiderate sometimes. Tracey remembers struggling to fit in, trying to dress more like the local kids, watching TV shows to learn how to speak like them.

She was very quiet back in high school simply because she didn’t want to be made fun of when she speaks English with an accent.  Tracey was worried about everything that people might think and feel about her.

The “AHA” Moment

One day Tracey passed by a Thai restaurant near by her place and saw a “HIRING” sign.  She walked in and told the manager that although she didn’t have a lot of experience but she was willing to learn. She got the job mainly because she wanted to improve her English and speak like the local kids.

However, being the youngest waitress there, she was also bullied a lot and she remembers crying to herself some nights.  She mostly kept it to herself because she didn’t really have anyone else she could talk to and she didn’t want to tell her parents because she was afraid that they would get worried.

Tracey woke up one day and decided that she was fed up with living life that way and that she needed to learn to stand up for herself one way or another if she was going to build a life of her own in this country that she was not familiar with. Tracey thought it was more of a survivor skill than personal growth because she was forced to get out of her comfort zone and had no one to fall back on. That was the beginning of her journey to find her own identity and build her self confidence.

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Her Life After the Discovery of Self Confidence

Tracey has learned to listen to her own voice more, take care of herself emotionally and physically. She learned to take failure and challenges as a part of life and learned to focus and invest in herself.

The crazy thing is, once you start to become that person that you always want to become and operating at a higher level of energy (more happy, more positive), you also attract the same type of people in your life.

The One Self Confidence Tip For the Listener

Surround yourself with the right people! Sometimes the road to self confidence is quite lonely but it is also the journey that will help you grow the most.

If you have friends who always point out your insecurity, cut them out. If you have friends who are not supporting you and always up to drama, cut them out.

Only hang out with friends who push you out of your comfort zone, who are confident enough to always lift you up and make you feel good about yourself. Life is short, live your life and love yourself!

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