520: Work In Progress With Tiffany Parra

Tiffany Parra is 22 year old graduating senior from Cal Poly, SLO.  She currently has her own podcast called Work in Progress Work In Progress With Tiffany Parrathat highlights up-and-coming creators and the process of how they got started in their own endeavors.  Tiffany also manages and creates content for an Instagram community called @flexwithfood that combines fine cuisine and streetwear. In her free time, she enjoys working out, hiking, and further developing her projects.

Tiffany shares how she constantly brings her confidence up by taking action on her passion projects such as her podcast and creating opportunities for herself as a strong independent woman.


Tiffany Parra is the host of the Work in Progress podcast.

Cultural Background

Tiffany is of Colombian and Peruvian descent.

Favorite Self Confidence Quote

Empowered women, empower women.

Empowered women, empower women.

Definition of Self Confidence

Self-confidence is like an invisible cloak, it’s something that’s most likely developing before you even realize it,  and manifests itself when you begin to do things without concern for anyone else’s opinion.

Her Life Before the Discovery of Self Confidence

Tiffany is still on she journey.  She still cares what people think about her in all honesty she wants everyone listening to this to like her and for what she is saying to resonate with some of you. But, the first step in developing any new trait is self-awareness.

The “AHA” Moment

New experiences gave her a level of confidence that she never had before.  She started doing things that she was too afraid to do at first.

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Her Life After the Discovery of Self Confidence

Tiffany is still transitioning and she is creating opportunities for herself.  She is developing her self awareness in the process.

The One Self Confidence Tip For the Listener

What are you investing your free time to? Is it watching youtube or listening to podcasts, chances are there’s a common theme within the content you are consuming. Use that as an inspiration to develop your own thing, whether its custom sneakers or your own podcast, start executing on the things you are passionate about. Through that you will learn and unlock new doors of self-discovery and slowly without noticing you will develop self-confidence.

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