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Sonia Bermejo is a publisher and executive editor of Manila Up! International Magazine and Executive Producer of Manila Up TV Launching With Confidence With Sonia BermejoEntertainment.  Starting off as a TV and magazine model, Sonia built her career as a real insider of the industry at a very young age. Her true skill shines in multitasking. She managed models and singers, worked as Account Manager in a TV Network while producing fashion shows, worked as a Manager and Public Relations Directress. A graduate of fashion designing, she put up her own boutique, while working in the social scene.  Sonia decided to go to America for a short break in 1990. What started as a vacation turned into true love for the city of Los Angeles, and she’s been living here ever since. A true multitasker and a serial Entrepreneur, Sonia became involved in everything she set her heart into. She gathered writers from London, Germany, Canada, Monaco, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and around the United States and Manila Up International Magazine was born. She expanded her platform to television, Manila Up TV Entertainment, and interviewed inspiring people and famous celebrities.

Sonia shares her story and how she was able to launch her magazine with confidence.  She also shares tips that can help you in your own journey to confidence.

Cultural Background

Sonia is of Filipina descent.

Favorite Self Confidence Quote

There is one undeniable truth about life, whatever you want to do, you can learn and teach yourself with self determination and with God’s blessings.  When you fail, stand up and reinvent yourself!

There is one undeniable truth about life, whatever you want to do, you can learn and teach yourself with self determination and with God’s blessings.  When you fail, stand up and reinvent yourself!


Definition of Self Confidence

Self confidence is believing in yourself that you can do whatever you set your mind into, to have the ability and capability to deliver. Being true to yourself, and being comfortable in your own skin. Self confidence is integrity, accepting responsibility, and admitting our own flaws. Having the courage to face any challenges that will come our way, believing that all storms will pass.

Her Life Before the Discovery of Self Confidence

For Sonia, life without confidence is like walking without identity. You don’t really know you are, what you want, what is life’s purpose. It was chaotic, she lacked balance and was confused.

The “AHA” Moment

The best moment for Sonia was the year 2016. Manila Up Magazine was first launched in Manila, Philippines and was sponsored by Filipino tycoon, former Governor Luis “Chavit” Singson, he was the Franchisee of the Miss Universe 2017. Governor Chavit Singson and my friend, Becky Garcia arranged the invitees and the event. She made a request to invite former First Lady Imelda Marcos to grace the occasion but her friend was unsure if Mrs. Marcos can come. To Sonia’s surprise, she came and even rendered several famous Filipino songs. That was the grandest event. Famous and well known socialites, politicians, businessmen, ambassadors and consul general from different countries were in attendance.

Second launching was sponsored by the national airline carrier of the Philippines, Philippine Airlines. Spearheaded by the COO and President, Mr. Jamie J Bautista was another spectacular success. 2016 was the best 1 st year of her Magazine. A year that is worth remembering. It is through the grace of God divine interventions that all these eventful launching were possible.

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Her Life After the Discovery of Self Confidence

Sonia discovered her purpose and worth.  She started her magazine without any background in writing and publishing but made it happen.

The One Self Confidence Tip For the Listener

First, to have self confidence, you have to love and accept yourself. You cannot give love and make others respond to you if you do not have that within you, love. Acceptance is owning yourself. You have to admit that each of us is different. But accepting our assets and liabilities makes us comfortable with our own selves. Be true to yourself, do not pretend to be someone you are not. You will only confuse yourself. Build your confidence by educating and learning continuously, it is a lifetime process. We adapt to the environment and to our relationship without losing our own identity. Be authentic. Live with integrity. Hone your strong qualities, and start to work on your weaknesses, small steps matters. The ability and capability to implement and be able to deliver. Being true to yourself, and have responsibility, and integrity.

Most importantly, is to be grateful. Gratitude attracts more blessings. Be grateful to God, acknowledge our family, friends and other people who helped us. Give thanks for everything big or small.

Lastly, share with others your wisdom, knowledge, your experience, be a mentor, help and offer your services. God has given us the talent to share, we do not keep it to ourselves.

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