280: Turning Setbacks Into Comebacks With Sheena Vera Cruz

Sheena Vera Cruz is an Artist Development & Movement Coach, Choreographer and a host. While she was known as a Turning Setbacks Into Comebacks With Sheena Vera Cruzprofessional dancer in streetdance and hiphop she is currently an ambassador and trainer for the Nike Women – Nike Training Club (NTC).

Sheena has gone through many setbacks in her life but she has learned to see the good in every setback and allow opportunities to come her way.  Her setbacks has also helped her find her true purpose in life.  Listen to Sheena’s episode as she shares her story.

Also, we will be taking a short Christmas and New Year’s break and will be back on January 2, 2017 for more stories of amazing women who have discovered their inner journey to self confidence. Happy Holidays and see you in the New Year.


Sheena Vera Cruz is a dancer, choreographer, Nike fitness trainer and dance fitness class trainer.

Cultural Background

Sheena is of Filipina descent.

Favorite Self Confidence Quote

Every setback is your opportunity for a comeback.

Every setback is your opportunity for a comeback.

Definition of Self Confidence

Confidence goes through different levels, its coming out of weakness and allows you to be vulnerable.

Her Life Before the Discovery of Self Confidence

Sheena didn’t feel good about herself.  She went through many transitions and many setbacks.

The “AHA” Moment

Sheena’s setbacks allows her to realize why she went through them.  She allows to process them which helps her grow as a stronger person.

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Her Life After the Discovery of Self Confidence

Sheena has more doors open for her unexpectedly.  She now mentors other female dancers.

The One Self Confidence Tip For the Listener

Stick with your own gut and accept yourself and you own value.

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