655: Knowing How Far You’ve Come With Sarah Chung

Sarah Chung is a Certified Health Coach and NICU nurse.  For the most part, she remembers the earliest years of her life been theKnowing How Far You’ve Come With Sarah Chung “fat one.” It wasn’t until after college she realized what her body needed which was real, unprocessed foods!  Her journey to start losing weight began when she went to a family reunion. The first reaction she received from family she never met before was laughter. At that point in her life she was in 6th grade about 5 feet and 175 pounds, something sparked in her brain that day, if her own family is laughing at the way she looks, what are other people saying? From that moment up until college, her body weight fluctuated a lot.  She initially lost 40 pounds on the 3-day tuna diet. Keeping that off did not last long.  She continued to fluctuate until the end of college, late nights with pizza, beer, and chips, the calories added up.  She wasn’t fat, but she wasn’t happy with her body either. She would think that after eating all that junk, running 30 minutes a day would burn all the calories off and she wouldn’t gain weight. It did and she wasn’t happy. In the beginning she wasn’t losing weight for herself or what her real issue was. She was losing weight for others and was more concerned about how others perceived her.  Sarah’s weight finally normalized and stopped fluctuating when she realized how her body felt and looked when she ate clean nutritious foods as well as exercised.  She doesn’t deny herself foods that she ultimately wants, she eats it and doesn’t feel guilty about it. Miraculously when she was satisfied, she did not gain weight, she ate what she wanted and started to enjoy food and the way it made her feel.

Sarah shares how she focuses how far she has come which has led her to be more confident in herself.  She also shares tips that can help you in your own journey to confidence.


Sarah Chung is a Certified Health Coach and NICU nurse.

Cultural Background

Sarah is of Korean descent.

Favorite Self Confidence Quote

You only have one body and life, you better take care of it and enjoy it.

You only have one body and life, you better take care of it and enjoy it.

Definition of Self Confidence

Self confidence is being yourself and being happy with yourself and who you are.

Her Life Before the Discovery of Self Confidence

Sarah was constantly comparing herself to other girls.  Whether it is looks, body, job, love life, she was living in a :I am not good enough” phase.

The “AHA” Moment

Sarah doesn’t actually remember when, but recently, maybe this past year?  She just thought she has come so far as an individual, spiritually, mentally and with her body.  She is not the cubby young adult anymore. She is smart,  has a lot to offer, and doesn’t need approval from others to make her happy. And to be honest, who cares what other people think of you? You only make yourself sick thinking about that.

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Her Life After the Discovery of Self Confidence

Sarah’s life is more calm mentally, especially in a group of women. When she walks into a room, she carries herself like she is the most beautiful woman in the world. If she believes it others will see you that way too. It also effected her ability to speak up more.  She used to keep her opinions to herself, but now she vocalizes them, of course in the appropriate situations.

The One Self Confidence Tip For the Listener

Look in the mirror and name one thing about your body that you love. Don’t care what other people think of you, just live your best life.

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