323: That’s It With Miki Sturges

Miki Sturges is a mom to three boys, wife and a mom entrepreneur.  She launched Mamapreneurs Club in 2016 that provides That’s It With Miki Sturgesa space for women entrepreneurs to be encouraged, inspired, and share training so that they can be empowered to pursue being a work at home entrepreneur, to move onto the next level n their business.  She enjoys online marketing because of its flexibility, and reach of global market.   She’s involved in local women’s group,  semi-professional choir, her church, and her sons’ school while balancing being a mom, a wife and an entrepreneur.  Her ultimate wish is to empower and encourage as many women entrepreneurs as possible to reach their success and lead a lifestyle they desire whatever that may be.

Miki was a victim of emotional and physical abuse from her ex-husband at the time which was a scary time in her life.  She had kept it a secret since she was brought to never talk about her troubles and to always show a perfect facade to her peers.  When Miki realized her own worth, it was the moment she said, “That’s it” and took a step forward to living a better life.  Check out Miki’s episode to listen to her courageous story.


Miki Sturges is a mom entrepreneur.

Cultural Background

Miki is of Japanese descent.

Favorite Self Confidence Quote

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

Definition of Self Confidence

Self confidence is an ability to stand firm when doubts enter your mind.   Also, believe that you are doing the best of your ability and be ok with it and ‘own’ it.  Having said that, it is a life time journey.

Her Life Before the Discovery of Self Confidence

Miki came to the U.S by herself to pursue her the study of English language.  She immersed herself in the new culture and the language, but found herself being caught in a relationship that led to a secret marriage and eventually ended in divorce due to domestic abuse.

During the marriage of 13 yrs, she tolerated both physical and emotional abuse, being scared and embarrassed, also feeling the guilt of dishonoring her parents by marrying the person who her parents did not approve of.  Miki’s self-confidence was at the bottom.  She did not believe herself or trust herself for making the right decisions.  She  had a good job and could have left, but she didn’t even believe she could make it being alone.  Miki really didn’t believe she was good enough.  She always searched for something better and not be content with what she already had.

The “AHA” Moment

Miki realized that she had to leave the abusive relationship when her husband decided to put a gun in her face.  She told herself, “That’s it” and decided to take a step to live a better life.

A year ago, Miki shared her story to a group of women, and apologized that her story was sort of boring, nothing of significance.  One of her friends came to her and said “your stories are FAR from boring!”  She realized how she was underrating herself all those years, telling herself she wasn’t too significant.

Also, Miki realized how fearful she has been, trying so hard to seek approval from others, especially from her parents, siblings, close friends, and herself.   She finally came to understand what ‘own it’ means.  For her, it means to be content and confident with what she has, what she does, and who she is.

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Her Life After the Discovery of Self Confidence

Miki is still on that journey of discovery! She relies heavily on God’s guidance, she prays a lot more than before.  Sometimes, she still does not believe in herself, but she does know and believe while she might not be reliable, her God is and knows the best for her.  That’s the strength Miki has.

After her divorce and through a blind date, her current husband came into my life.  They have two beautiful sons.  They have gone through some tough times, but through them all, God has sustained them.  Miki has become stronger, has a stronger faith, and confidence she hasn’t had for a long time.

The One Self Confidence Tip For the Listener

Life is a journey.  When life throws a curve-ball, trust in yourself, seek advice from trusted source and listen well, but ultimately you are the one who must make a decision and you must ‘own’ whatever it is and stand firm.  Don’t get this wrong, this is different from being stubborn in a negative way.  Sometimes, you might have to swallow your pride and take a stand you might not like or get out of your own comfort zone to get to a better place in life.

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