301: Looking Within With Edna Sangel

Edna Sangel is an Innovative Business and Personal Growth Strategist whose books, blogs, and speaking events are a must Looking Within With Edna Sangelsee for the go-getter and business professional seeking to generate creative ways to differentiate themselves from their peers, protect, and grow their business. Edna has a business growth consulting firm that works exclusively with Entrepreneurs and CEOs of start ups, established, struggling, or emerging organizations that is looking to improve business performance in sales, marketing, and leadership by using the combination of Kingdom Principles (biblical), Edna’s comprehensive programs along with John Maxwell’s proven leadership curriculum and core learning systems for your business needs.

Edna has always wanted to help and inspire others but because she went through many setback in her life, she thought she could never make an impact.  She thought people would never listen or look upto her because she thought she was a failure.  When she started sharing her stories to others wholeheartedly and started looking from within, that is when she grew belief in herself that create an impact in this world.


Edna Sangel is a business and personal growth strategist.

Cultural Background

Edna is Asian Hispanic Pacific Islander.

Favorite Self Confidence Quote

You find your strength in your darkest hour, it was created for you so you can find your LIGHT.

You find your strength in your darkest hour, it was created for you so you can find your LIGHT.

Definition of Self Confidence

The ability to still believe that you are what God says you are regardless of what it looks like around you.  In life you will face many troubles and heartaches, but when you are relentless enough to keep going in spite of the storm that you are facing and whatever setbacks you may encounter, this is when you will see if you really are what you say you are. Its easy for people to be confident when everything is going well, but when all hell is breaking loose, then this is when the real you (core) comes out.

Her Life Before the Discovery of Self Confidence

Edna thought self confidence was all about what you see on the external, meaning when it looks like you have everything altogether (Like a facade of a perfect life).  She thought to herself that no one is ever going to listen to her or she is not going to make an impact on people’s lives because of all the things she has been through. (rape, divorce, emotional and physical abuse, robbed, anxiety, fears, laid off, etc.)

Edna thought that there was no way people would even look up to her because deep down she thought she was a failure.  She let the people she loved down, the people that looked up to her down ( she was a youth leader) and she let herself down.

The “AHA” Moment

There was a young lady Edna met at a women’s bible study and when she was sharing her testimony, Edna was in tears and told her that the world needs to hear the message that is in her. She said that Edna is so beautiful inside and out. She was one of many that told her this before. But that day, It dawned on Edna what were they seeing that she wasn’t seeing?

At that point, Edna started to deal with herself and all her insecurities and fears. Why was it that she was ashamed of her life and the decisions she has made? Why couldn’t she embrace that she is human, and it’s okay.  Everybody had different journeys, and she had to embrace hers.

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Her Life After the Discovery of Self Confidence

Opportunities started presenting itself to her to share her story and be an inspiration to people coming from all walks of life. Edna started speaking at different events, wrote a book, developed blogs, became a leader in numerous organizations, been invited as guests on radio shows, business started growing, became a Certified John Maxwell Trainer and Coach, and helped many who were at a point of giving up find hope.

The One Self Confidence Tip For the Listener

Embrace the journey you are in. Remember, it is a process. It is through the pressure that diamonds are made.  Sometimes in life, we will have to go through the fire.. But if we can handle the heat and be strong no matter what, sooner or later the storm will pass and you will come out more beautiful and  stronger than you came in.  So shine fellow diamonds, you are so brilliant that somebody would have to put their stunner shades on!

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