804: Wander Beauty With Divya Gugnani

Divya Gugnani is the CEO and Co-founder of Wander Beauty, a company focused on Wander Beauty With Divya Gugnanimultitasking beauty essentials created with global inspiration.  Prior to that, Divya co-founded Send the Trend, an e-commerce site focused on personalized fashion and beauty, and sold it to QVC, where she focused on digital innovation. She is a serial entrepreneur and has co-founded multiple companies. Divya started her business career in Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs and then moved on to private equity and venture capital at Investcorp International and FirstMark Capital.  She has appeared regularly on several shows on CNBC, NBC and MSNBC. She has also been featured in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, BusinessWeek, TIME Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The Deal, and Crain’s, among several other publications. Divya has contributed to The Huffington Post, TODAYshow.com, Daily Beast, The Nest Magazine and Woman’s World. She is the author of the book Sexy Women Eat: Secrets to Eating What You Want and Still Looking Fabulous, published by HarperCollins. 

Divya shares the steps she took to become the confident woman that she is today.  She also talks about her company Wander Beauty and what she does to create the success that she has today.


Divya is the co-founder of Wander Beauty.

Cultural Background

Divya is of Indian descent.

Favorite Self Confidence Quote

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

Definition of Self Confidence

Self confidence is trusting your gut and embracing imperfections.  It’s also not having all the answers.

Her Life Before the Discovery of Self Confidence

Divya grew living for other people’s expectations.

The “AHA” Moment

Divya started surrounding herself with leaders which helped developed her confidence and leadership skills.

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Her Life After the Discovery of Self Confidence

Divya is still growing and developing self confidence.  She learns from her mistakes and experiences and works with her team to continuously create a successful company.

The One Self Confidence Tip For the Listener

Be your authentic self.

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