851: Rise and Make Waves With Christina Ching

Christina Ching is the founder of Rise and Make Waves, where she empowers Asian Pacific Islander women to rise above theRise and Make Waves With Christina Ching challenges of their career and lives, and make waves as they become the purposeful passion-filled leaders they’re meant to be. Through her inclusion advocacy and public speaking, she encourages women to reignite their courage, challenge the status quo, and change the world one conversation at a time. Christina is a lawyer and a mom to three children. Originally from Guam, Christina has made it her mission to teach others to reclaim their courage and use their voice to ensure everyone is seen, heard and valued.

Christina shares how she was able to step into her power and shares what led to start her business, Rise and Makes Waves.  She also shares her tips that you can use in your journey to self confidence.


Christina Ching is the founder of Rise and Make Waves.

Cultural Background

Christina is of Chinese and Filipino descent from Hawaii and Guam.

Favorite Self Confidence Quote

Fear doesn’t prevent death, it prevents life.

Definition of Self Confidence

Self confidence is knowing who you are without caring about what others think while accepting where you are without seeing it as a reflection of who you are.

Her Life Before the Discovery of Self Confidence

For Christina, it was a continuous internal struggle. She didn’t know who she was, she wasn’t working, she was a full time mom, she lost her identity and she didn’t know what she wanted. Christina did everything for everyone else. She thought self-sacrifice was the way to being the best mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend but what she didn’t realize was that she was living a life that society expected of her. Christina remembers her true self peeked out every once in a while. She would get an idea and try it out and get really excited, but then guilt set in. She thought she would be less of a mom and wife if she pursued anything other than being a full time mom. 

The “AHA” Moment

Christina was sitting in court during her divorce.  She is an angry crier, so she was trying not to show her tears. The opposing lawyer said to the judge, “Look at her, all she does is cry.” It was at that moment that she realized she had enough.  So much had happened up until that point, and for some reason, that was her breaking point.

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Her Life After the Discovery of Self Confidence

Christina started speaking up for herself. And she sets an example for her kids and the importance of using their voice. 

The One Self Confidence Tip For the Listener

You are enough and you are unstoppable. Remember who you are and keep going. Every step you take will reignite your confidence. It’s always been there, you just have to remember where to find it within you.

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