819: Asian Women Who Boss Up With Amy Lin

Amy Lin is the CEO and founder of The Opulent Academy which is a results-based organization with Asian Women Who Boss Up With Amy Lineducational programs that focus on the power of the mind. She teaches people what it means to live an opulent life and how to tap into their infinite potential so they too can achieve the results they truly
desire through a systemic program.  She recently was invited as a speaker to speak at the Best You Expo, the biggest personal development event in the world. She was also featured as a speaker on
Amazon Prime Video SpeakUP sharing her personal journey how she created the quantum leap in her own life following six simple steps and how the audience can also apply those steps to their lives so they can create quantum leaps as well. She is also currently working on publishing a book where she will be sharing her journey with the intent to inspire more people to follow their passion

Amy shares her excitement for the book and why it is essential to create a stronger representation of Asian women by being an author in Asian Women Who Boss Up.

Order Asian Women Who Boss UP here:

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