78: Know Thyself With Linda Pharathikoune

Linda Pharathikoune is successful writer living in the mountains of Idyllwild, California. Life was not easy for Linda back Know Thyself With Linda Pharathikounethen since she battled with social anxiety and insecurity issues that gave her low self confidence.

It took one event in her life that led to a decision for Linda to start learning to know thyself so she can live a life of fulfillment and be able to express herself without a care of being judged by others.


Linda Pharathikoune is a writer and the owner  of The Writing Room, LLC and Writer living in Idyllwild, CA.

Cultural Background

Linda is Lao American, her parents moved to America after the Vietnam War and she was born in Georgia.

Favorite Self Confidence Quote

Know thyself.

Know thyself.

Definition of Self Confidence

Know your-SELF so intimately, to trust your inner essence so much, and be so comfortable in your own skin that people automatically want to be the best.

Her Life Before the Discovery of Self Confidence

In her early twenties, Linda suffered from social anxiety. It was something she hid very well. she didn’t do well emotionally being around a lot of people and she distinctly remembers a specific thing that happened.

Linda was invited to a friend’s birthday party at a restaurant and she agreed to go because she was a good friend of hers.

When she arrived at the restaurant, she remembers walking through the crowd and feeling my inner self shrink inside. I felt so small, so insignificant.  Her palms started to sweat, her heart began pounding out of my chest, and tears welled up in her eyes.

She had to ask my friend to take me home and was so embarrassed by what happened. Linda walked through life feeling very insecure within myself for a long time.

The “AHA” Moment

Having several AHA moments over a span of time, Linda knew she wanted to be okay with going out and be in a social settings with people without feeling overwhelmed by own insecurities, so she started to work on myself.

Linda started acting classes, did improvisational comedy, stand up comedy, and karaoke just soshe could practice being with and in front of a lot of people. Performing is a scary thing to do in and of itself; and it’s the one thing that allows you to go deep in introspection, challenges you to show up in the moment and be present, and allows you to be fully self-expressed at the risk of being judged (self-judgment and outside judgment).

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Her Life After the Discovery of Self Confidence

Life is much more fulfilling and satisfying now that Linda not so insecure. She can approach life with self assuredness and certainty that no matter what she chooses or decides, it will always work out for her highest good.

She trusts herself to make the right choices, even if they are the hard choices. At the end of the day, she feels good in who she is and the things she chooses to do.

The One Self Confidence Tip For the Listener

Develop a close relationship with yourself; nurture your spirit, your mind, and be good to your body. Cultivate self-respect, say no to the things you don’t want or don’t want to do, and say yes to only the things you genuinely want to do. Don’t compromise who you are to satisfy someone else’s insecurities. Be true to yourself and honor your choices.

Also, follow through on all of your commitments, no matter how small they are, especially to your children, if you have them.

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