193: Fix Yourself First With Kylie Dang

Kylie Dang is a practicing Energy Healer, Distant Healer, Aura reader and medically intuitive. She uses her clairvoyance Fix Yourself First With Kylie Dangskills for the purpose of aura reading and scanning through your body for the purpose of healing only. She also is the founder of Kylie Energy Healing.

Kylie used to feel lonely and empty on the inside depending on buying material things to make her happy. She realized that it was upto her to fix herself before she can become the successful energy healer that she is today. In this episode, find out how Kylie was able to fix herself first and how you can start applying it in your own journey.


Kylie Dang is the founder and owner of Kylie Energy Healing.

Cultural Background

Kylie is of Vietnamese descent.

Favorite Self Confidence Quote

To be beautiful you have to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.

To be beautiful you have to be yourself.  You don’t need to be accepted by others.  You need to accept yourself.

Definition of Self Confidence

Self confidence is a journey. A journey where you discover yourself, accept yourself for whatever you discover. And love yourself unconditionally.

Her Life Before the Discovery of Self Confidence

Kylie worked with Mercedes Benz after graduation, and later on she worked with a bank.  She was making good money and just like most of the girls of her age, she was into materialistic things. Kylie would feel lonely, empty and would use shopping therapy for her.  She was in a never ending loop and life itself was a lifeless routine.  She would wake up, go to work and hang out in the evening. That was it…. OVER AND OVER again.

The emptiness and loneliness that remain inside her forced Kylie to connect with people around her by trying hard to seek their approval and ignore herself. She tried changing herself to get their approval, attention, love and in the process she lost herself.

The “AHA” Moment

It was a cold winter afternoon and Kylie had been in the US for about 4 months that time. She was sitting in the room and crying.  She didn’t know for how long she cried but at one point she stopped. Kylie heard a voice inside her

“why are you crying?:

She replied… “because of this, and this and that…”

Her inner voice asked “But you wanted to come to the US – wasn’t that your choice”.

Kylie said “YES!”

Her inner voice said “Then be happy with yourself.”

Kylie realized that was her moment of revelation. She realized that something within needed a change.

It is said “When you are ready, the Universe will send you a teacher.”

A friend of Kylie’s sent her a few books .He also sent her a website link of his teacher, a Vietnamese Master Monk, named Thich Tri Sieu.  She read those books and listened to the recordings of the monk on the website.  At that moment she decided that she needed to stop running away from herself. She chose  to slowly come back and fix herself first.


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Her Life After the Discovery of Self Confidence

Kylie is content with who she is right now and what she is doing right and where she is right now.  It means she no longer runs away from herself, to grab things from the outside to fulfil the big home inside.

A whole lot of the credit also goes to her yoga practice, her healing others, her meditation practice. All of these have helped her a lot.  She is not saying that at this point she is free of all problems. Yes, there are times when some things will come up, and at time shemay be a little shaky inside. She has thoughts that trigger her fear or anger and situations that unbalance her but because of her practice they are not a challenge anymore.

It is not that she has found a solution for every problem. It is about the way of looking at the things that has changed. The time for her to recover from any situation is much shorter now and she passes through them with calmness in her heart and mind.

The One Self Confidence Tip For the Listener

If you feel like sitting in a room and crying – then please do so. Give yourself the permission to cry and be grumpy. Don’t feel guilty about crying. We all have these kinds of down moments in our life. You are already damn good since you are true to yourself.

Listen to yourself. And by that what I mean is not not just listen to yourself by using your ears but listen with your heart, with each and every cell of your body

Finally – ask yourself the question – what do you really want to do right now? If your answer is go out, talk to people then please stand up and do it now. If your answer is Be lazy for one day. Go ahead and do it now. If your answer is go for a hike with a friend then do it now.

Listen to yourself, and start taking care of yourself. RIGHT NOW !!

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