17: How to Stop the “Victim Thinking” in You With Dawn Marie Westmoreland

Dawn Marie Westmoreland is a speaker, author, “Personal Power” coach, HR consultant, and hypnotherapist. How to Stop the “Victim Thinking” in You With Dawn Marie Westmoreland

She use to be a former leader in hiding! She use to hide from being her greatest self. Why? Dawn was scared of her power and was afraid of failure. She was also disappointing a lot of people because she was not living in her zone of genius, but the hardest critic was herself. After many struggles and lessons, she learned how to achieve everything she set out to do that is alignment with her goals and values.

Dawn took her past challenges and made them into triumphs. After working 25 years in the government, she took the initiative and left an unfulfilling career to now help empower professional women who are struggling getting through their “blocks” and realizing their zone of genius.

In this episode, she will share with you what it took her to get from the “victim thinking” to taking full control of her life.


Dawn Marie Westmoreland is an author, speaker and coach.

Cultural Background

Dawn is of Caucasian decent.  She also is a mix of English and Polish.

Favorite Self Confidence Quote

You have to believe in yourself more others believe in you.

You have to believe in yourself more others believe in you.

Definition of Self Confidence

Believing in yourself.

Her Life Before the Discovery of Self Confidence

Dawn grew up in a dysfunctional childhood.  Her father left her when she was a child and she was also molested by a person that she trusted.

These events led her to having low self esteem, disempowerment, insecurities and self loathing.

Because of the negative thinking, she attracted more things and events that made it worst.  She was bullied alot at school and married an alcoholic.  She was even admitted to a mental hospital at one point of life.

Playing the victim did only more damage to her life.

The “AHA” Moment

After realizing that she was attracting the wrong things into her life, her 3rd day into the mental hospital, Dawn saw herself in the mirror and was disgusted with what she saw.

She knew right then and there she had to make some changes in her life if she wanted to feel happy again.  This was the day she decided to take control of her own life.

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Her Life After the Discovery of Self Confidence

Life now for Dawn is pretty peaceful and happy.  Because she was able to take control of her life 100 percent, she decided to focus on her gifts and is now using them to create her own economy.

She is doing what she loves by serving others in her coaching and speaking engagements.

The One Self Confidence Tip For the Listener

Don’t beat yourself up about your past.  Take steps everyday to become more empowered and confident.

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