134: Live Life Healed With Y.Y. Low

Y.Y. Low is the founder of a company call Healtology, and practices as a Health Psychologist, Nutrition Consultant, and 134: Live Life Healed With Y.Y. LowLife Coach with specialization in health-related problems. She creatively sources for high quality health products that she believes will make a difference and hopes to be able to help others to discover their passion, maximize their potential and to live life extraordinary.

Back then Y.Y. had her fair share of confidence issues that stopped her from doing what she loves today. It took her some healing on her part to realize that her self limiting beliefs are nothing but lies to herself and that she is capable of anything. Find out in this episode what she did to live a life healed and happy.


Y.Y. Low is a Health Psychologist, Nutrition Consultant, and Life Coach.

Cultural Background

Y.Y. is of Chinese descent with a little bit of Indonesian blood.

Favorite Self Confidence Quote

Excellence has a structure, if one person can do it, it is possible for another to learn and do it too.

Excellence has a structure, if one person can do it, it is possible for another to learn and do it too.

Definition of Self Confidence

Confidence most of the time did not come from the ‘self’, it came more from external factors or from other people who have showed confidence in us, people who believed in us, or going through positive experiences.

Her Life Before the Discovery of Self Confidence

Y.Y.’s childhood was not an easy one.  She experienced many challenges as a child, and it did not help that she lived in a volatile family environment.  She had social phobia as she would shun and hide from all strangers, highly anxious and had problems going to school.

The “AHA” Moment

Her teacher told her that Y.Y. was a leader and because of that she started to excel in school and started building her confidence up.  Also believing in God and hanging with the right people helped her with that as well.

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Her Life After the Discovery of Self Confidence

Y.Y. would practice till she was good at it. So she just kept on improving on what she can do, however there is no end to what she can do, so it can be a feeling of never enough.

Also she has a personal belief that nothing is impossible if God says nothing is impossible with Him. When things do not go according to what we want or planned, every so-call failure is only a feedback, we just keep on moving on and encouraging ourselves to continue to do our best we can.

The One Self Confidence Tip For the Listener

Put no confidence in the self, and your confidence will not depend on yourself. Be outward looking instead of inward looking. See how you are here for a greater purpose, and live a life that is going to make positive impact to other lives. Anchor it in beliefs and values that are greater than yourself.

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