119: Stop Holding Back With Brandie Weikle

Brandie Weikle is a long-time parenting editor, writer and spokesperson with a passion for forward-thinking approaches to Stop Holding Back With Brandie Weiklethe issues that affect today’s families. Most recently editor-in-chief of Canadian Family magazine, Brandie now publishes thenewfamily.com a website that celebrates and examines modern family life and hosts The New Family Podcast. She’s also been the parenting and relationships editor for the Toronto Star and an editor for Today’s Parent. Brandie is a single mother of two in Toronto and a frequent television and radio guest on parenting topics.

Brandie almost didn’t go after her dreams of becoming self employed because she was comfortable in the position she was in at the time. She knew staying there would hold her back from her greatness. Find out what Brandie did to stop holding back and start living her dream life.


Brandie Weikle is the host of the successful podcast called The New Family.  She is also a parenting editor, writer and spokesperson.

Cultural Background

Brandie’s great grandparents immigrated to Canada from Norway on one side and Ireland on the other.

Favorite Self Confidence Quote

What we need to do is start acting and risking and failing, and stop mumbling and apologizing and prevaricating. It isn’t that women don’t have the ability to succeed; it’s that we don’t seem to believe we can succeed, and that stops us from even trying.

Definition of Self Confidence

Pursuing your passions because you know who you are and feel confident in your ability to deliver.

Her Life Before the Discovery of Self Confidence

Brandie  felt like the work she was doing at her job at the time was lacking meaning and passion she was looking for.

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The “AHA” Moment

Brandie found a different work environment that she truly loved being in and was passionate about.

Her Life After the Discovery of Self Confidence

After that, Brandie pursued to be self employed which was always her dream since she was confident to go after them.

The One Self Confidence Tip For the Listener

Don’t be afraid to move around in your career to pursue what you love.

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