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1: The Prescription of Self Love and Choosing the Free Life with Layla Black

From the basement of a Bar called 2 Doors Down, Layla Black was abroke college drop out musician that stumbled upon the home business industry. 3 Years later, Layla and her husband Toby now create a 6 figure residual income from home, and have helped thousands of others duplicate our success. Layla shares her story of how she did it through her inner journey of self confidence.   Bio Layla Black is an online marketer, socialpreneur, author, speaker, trainer and blogger. Cultural Background Layla is half Vietnamese and half Native Indian. Favorite Self Confidence Quote “Girls compete and women empower.” […]

0: Sheena Yap Chan of the Tao of Self Confidence

To celebrate the first episode, I wanted to give out a free gift which is the 8 Simple Daily Core Commitments to Boost Your Self Confidence, Welcome to The Tao of Self Confidence. My name is  Sheena Yap Chan and I want to thank you for joining me in my very first episode.   Every weekday, I will be sharing stories or interviewing the most powerful women of today.   Each episode will be inspiring in its own right, as we will be telling you a story of an amazing woman’s discovery of self confidence. One of the things I […]

11 Sickening Ways We are Oppressing Women in the 21st Century

As you may or may not know, I have a strong passion to help women live a better life by encouraging them to speak their voice out into the world. Society has brainwashed women to not rock the boat and be the “good girl” who obeys what people tell them to do. I know what it’s like because as a woman of Asian decent, we are told that every single day. Go to school, obey your parents, obey your husband, don’t bring attention to yourself, etc. By doing this, we are hurting women in the process in a HUGE way. […]