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How to Use Language to Improve Your Self Confidence With Queenie Kawabe

34: How to Use Language to Improve Your Self Confidence With Queenie Kawabe

Queenie Kawabe is a successful teacher-preneur helping students all over the world learn to speak different languages. She mentioned that she was fluent in 5 languages but its really 6 languages. She forgot to mention that she also speaks the language of self confidence and how it has changed her life in more ways than one.  In this episode you will find out how she does and how you can apply it in your own life. Bio Queenie Kawabe is a teacher-preneur teaching people from all over the world how to speak certain languages.  She is fluent in 5 languages. […]
turning tragedy into victory with brittney pappano

33: Turning Tragedy Into Victory With Brittney Pappano

Brittney Pappano is a successful business consultant and coach in Denver, Colorado.  She was actually the only person in her family to have her own business which goes to show that your circumstances never define you. In this episode, find out what Brittney did that turned her tragedy into victory and inspiring others to do the same. Bio Brittney Pappano is a business consultant and coach. Cultural Background Brittney is part Italian but was born and raised in Denver. Favorite Self Confidence Quote The greatest project you will ever work on is yourself. Definition of Self Confidence A knowing of […]
Gain Self Confidence by Tapping Into Your Inner Knowing With Wilma Wong

32: Gain Self Confidence by Tapping Into Your Inner Knowing With Wilma Wong

Wilma began her journey as a healer by trying to solve one of her own health problems. Since then she has studied EFT, TAT, Matrix Energetics, Yuen Method, Healing Codes, Emotion Code, Demartini Breakthrough method, Theta Healing, and meditation—all contributing to her own style of healing, applying the best of each method and tailoring it to the client. Just as no one drug is a perfect fit; no one method is a perfect healing tool. Find out in this episode what took her to gain the self confidence she needed by tapping into her inner knowing. Bio Wilma Wong is […]

31: Live Life Without Any Regrets With Sarah Romero

Sarah Romero gets to live life to her liking by having a thriving business and being able to spend time with her family. But it never started this way. In fact, she was overworked at a restaurant and barely spent time with her family. She didn’t want to live life without any regrets. In this episode, you will find out what she did to live the life that she loves now. Bio Sarah Romero is a social media manager, writer, and public relations professional. Cultural Background Sarah is an American of Mexican heritage. Favorite Self Confidence Quote Big shots are only […]

30: Tell Your Inner Mean Girl To Shut Up With Stacia Loo

Stacia Loo is a successful female entrepreneur living her life how she chooses. She never started that way. In fact, like most Asian women, she was pretty much to be seen and not heard. When that happens, that’s when our inner mean girl comes in and tells us all the wrong things about ourselves. In this episode, find out Stacia tells her inner mean girl to shut up and how you can follow this in your own journey. Bio Stacia Loo is a Social Media Strategist for the real estate industry and a Millionaire Mindset blogger. Cultural Background Stacia is a […]