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30: Tell Your Inner Mean Girl To Shut Up With Stacia Loo

Stacia Loo is a successful female entrepreneur living her life how she chooses. She never started that way. In fact, like most Asian women, she was pretty much to be seen and not heard. When that happens, that’s when our inner mean girl comes in and tells us all the wrong things about ourselves. In this episode, find out Stacia tells her inner mean girl to shut up and how you can follow this in your own journey. Bio Stacia Loo is a Social Media Strategist for the real estate industry and a Millionaire Mindset blogger. Cultural Background Stacia is a […]
How to Master and Control Your Emotions With Kat Zapanta

29: How to Master and Control Your Emotions With Kat Zapanta

Kat Zapanta is living the life of her dreams being in the beaches of Costa Rica with her husband Romeo. For Kat, she never started out being this happy. In fact, she went through many challenges in her life to get to where she is today. Even when she started seeing success, she still never thought she was worthy of it. Find out how Kat has started to master and control her emotions so that she can live a more confident life. Bio Kat is an Internet and Lifestyle entpreneur. Cultural Background Kat is Polish born in Poland but was […]

28: How to Turn Your Struggles Into Your Success With Daisy Teh

Daisy Teh is living the life of her dreams.  She is at the top of her game with becoming a successful corporate recruiter and launching her hit fashion mommy blog called The It Mom. She has created everything she ever wanted in life but she had to hit rock bottom to realized her true potential to change things for the better for her and her family. Find out in this episode what it took for daisy to turn her struggles into her success and how it can help you in your own journey. Bio Daisy is a fashion mommy blogger […]
Bonus Episode- Be Clear Not Clever With Sheena Yap Chan

Bonus Episode: Be Clear Not Clever With Sheena Yap Chan

I had the privileged to be interviewed by Podcasters Paradise on their new podcast sharing my journey of entrepreneurship. Maybe you are on your own journey of entrepreneurship and you are having challenges in your life you are trying to overcome. Maybe what I share it today’s interview may help you out especially when it comes to marketing. I learned so many things in my own journey that I know I had to give back by sharing what I had to go through so that you can see what is possible for you. Funny thing is that this interview took place […]

27: You Are More Than Your Label With Mandy Lo Dickson

Mandy Lo Dickson is a successful speaker helping people step into their power and finding their voices.  She loves teaching people how to tap into their self confidence through her coaching. Life for Mandy wasn’t always that way.  She also question her owned abilities and felt like she was only limited to the labels she gave to herself.  Find out what it took Mandy to change the way she saw herself and realized she was more than just a role in her life. Stay to the end of the episode to receive a free gift. Bio Mandy Lo Dickson is […]