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Find Your Own True Beauty With Ami Park

361: Find Your Own True Beauty With Ami Park

Ami Park is a actress, influencer, and an advocate for Asian American empowerment.  She also host on Korea Asian Media.  Ami has KCON which is Korea’s largest convention and music festival in the world with over 76,000 participants, and also at the 2016 Unforgettable Gala at the Beverly Hilton.  In 2017, she will be filming for two films which are Plum, as Plum, and a korean exchange student in The Chicken Party. Ami shares what she struggled with in the past especially with seeing her own true beauty.  A trip to Korea made her realize what true beauty is to her which is […]
Confident In Your Own Skin With Maza

360: Confident In Your Own Skin With Maza

Maza is a Graphic designer, UX Designer, UI Designer and Streetwear Model. She also has a passion for social media, blogging and filming.  Creativity is embedded in her DNA since childhood. She uses her platform Hellomaza as a destination for her musings to showcase and praise the people that she has met along her creative journey.  Maza also wants to inspire you and/or challenge you to make change towards achieving your essential purpose. Maza shares about her struggles especially learning to be comfortable in her own skin instead of always covering up her imperfections.  Find out the one question from a […]
Push Yourself With Emily Wu Truong

359: Push Yourself With Emily Wu Truong

Emily Wu Truong is an award-winning motivational speaker in Los Angeles, who works tirelessly to address the misconceptions of individuals who struggle with mental illness. As a suicide-attempt survivor diagnosed with depression and anxiety, she transformed her adversities into wisdom, inspiring others to face their fears and find value in their own life struggles. As a mental advocate, she uses her voice to advocate for children in communities of color whose voices are often under-represented. She also collaborates with other organizations to create safe spaces to encourage informative discussions on equipping community advocates with the resources they need to improve […]

358: The Art Of Living With Jackie Boylhart

Jackie Boylhart is the host of The Art of Living podcast.  It is intended add a little fire to your soul and empower you to become an agent of good in this world. Topics include entrepreneurship, spirituality and sustainable living. Jackie has had her fair share of what is like to practice the art of living in her own terms versus constantly being defined by labels or academic degrees.  Check out Jackie’s episode as she shares her story and tips to help you in your own journey of self confidence. Bio Jackie Boylhart is the host of The Art of Living […]
Discover Your Passion With Olivia Thai

357: Discover Your Passion With Olivia Thai

Olivia Thai is a musician and comedian.  With hard work, dedication, and a bit of luck, it has led her to amass over 21,000,000 views on YouTube and over 200,000 supporters. Her fans and news sources around the world have been calling her, “the one-woman symphony” because of how she is able to incorporate beat-boxing, piano, guitar, violin, ukulele, and singing skills through a looping machine. She creates an orchestra weekly on her YouTube channel and daily on several live streaming platforms.  Although Olivia was a former American Idol contestant and winner of Taiwan Idol, it is her extensive background […]