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How to Create a Vision Board to Influence Reality and Attract Your Desires

Over the past few years, everyone from self-help gurus to psychologists have been seemingly talking about the power and the influence of vision boards. These simple, yet effective tools may seem more like a middle school art project than a life-changing guide towards your future, but these boards are extremely powerful tools that can actually influence reality and help you achieve that which you desire most. It is great to have resolutions, whether they are for a phase in your life, a new month, a new day or a new year. However, resolutions are just words and ideas. Vision boards […]

7 Surprising Ways Failure Can Boost Confidence

If your marriage ends, your business is a flop, your big speech was an embarrassing display of unpreparedness, you lose a major account because of a faux-pas, you get fired, you fail an exam, you give up before the finish line… you probably feel like a failure. And that can send your confidence down the drain! Here’s a surprise, though. Failure can actually boost your confidence the next time. Most of us have experienced major life failures and the memories sting. If the memory is still painful, then you haven’t recovered. You still berate yourself for failing to live up […]