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You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too With Lisa Burnham

6: You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too With Lisa Burnham

Lisa is an online marketer, mompreneur and artist who gets to live the life that she wants according to her terms. Life wasn’t always how Lisa wanted to live.  She was unhappy for the longest time until she realized she needed a shift in her life to become happy again. Her journey led her to become the mom and wife she wanted to be to her family, the business of her dreams where her artistic talents gets to shine in so many ways and now has 2 successful businesses under her belt where one was featured on the Kathy Ireland […]
your bio -your cultural background -favorite self confidence quote -your definition of self confidence -describing what your life was like b4 their discovery of self confidence -your AHA moment -describing what your life is like after the discovery -what advice would you give the women on their own journey to self confidence and this any links you would like to promote

5: How Karate Chops Break Mental Blocks With Candice Box

Candice Box has two successful businesses under her.  She is an intuitive life coach and a massage therapist living in the beaches of Hawaii with her soul mate Isaac and her cute little pup Kai. This interview is pretty special to me since it was my first podcast interview that I have ever done.  Focus on the story and how it can help you and not the noise.  This is great exercise to help you learn how to take out distractions. Self confidence is all about taking action regardless of the mistakes you make because sometimes those mistakes can lead […]
A Journey Towards Self Awareness With Yvette D. Bennett

4: A Journey Towards Self Awareness With Yvette D. Bennett

Yvette is making her mark in the film industry by being involved in a combination of over fifty short films, commercials, reality shows, and sports segments as a writer, producer and director. Life wasn’t always this way when Yvette first started and she shares her journey with us today on what it took to get her self confidence back to be able to love herself and live life according to her terms. Bio Yvette is a writer, producer and director in the independent film industry.  She has recently added author on the upcoming book The Anthology due November 2015. She also […]

3: How to Break the Chains of Conformity to Live a Life of True Freedom and Happiness With Jiyoung Yun

While most women in South Korea are living a life of conformity whichis what they are told to do, Jiyoung has broken that chain by becoming an online entrepreneur and divorcing her controlling ex-husband. As you listen to this episode, you will find out what it took Jiyoung to break out from the norm to live life on her own terms so that she is finally happy with her life and herself. Bio Jiyoung is an online marketer and massage therapist. Cultural Background Jiyoung is Korean. Favorite Self Confidence Quote “Embrace your weirdness.” Definition of Self Confidence Doing the things […]

2: Your Past Does Not Equal Your Future With Genecia Alluora

Genecia Alluora is Asia’s leading Business and Mindset Mentor helping startup women entrepreneurs build unshakable confidence and a successful business in the shortest time possible! You see why I had to have an interview with her right? She wasn’t born with a silver spoon. In fact it was the total opposite. She will share with you what it took for her to realize that her past doesn’t equal her future. Stay till the end of the episode to receive a free gift from Genecia. Bio Next generation Marketing and Business Strategist helping entrepreneur fuse passion with profit.  She is also […]