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Travelling Well to Live Well With Anita Wing Lee

46: Travelling Well to Live Well With Anita Wing Lee

What does having a well travelled life have to do with confidence? Everything! Anita Wing Lee is a business coach and a world traveller being able to create an income while living a passport heavy life. She knew that going the traditional route of living was not for her so she set out on different adventures that gave her the confidence in her own abilities. Find out the one trip that changed the course of her life forever. Bio Anita Wing Lee is a life coach and she also teaches people how to get paid while travelling. Cultural Background Anita […]
Continuously Improve Yourself With Sue Sierra

45: Continuously Improve Yourself With Sue Sierra

Sue Sierra gets to live life on her own terms but to get there, she had to go through a journey that most people aren’t willing to do, which is the journey of self improvement. In this episode, find out how Sue was able to go from being uncomfortable in her own skin to living the life full of joy and happiness. Bio Sue Sierra is an Internet marketer and a business coach. Cultural Background Sue is British and Canadian. Favorite Self Confidence Quote What other people think of me is none of my business. Definition of Self Confidence Being comfortable […]

44: How to Love Your Authentic Self With Susan Maddison

Susan Maddison is a transformational coach and speak who is most passionate about freedom, self discovery, continuous growth and learning. Back then, she would do anything to please others or to be liked which ended having a fake confidence that people see only on the outside. Find out what it took for Susan to start loving her authentic self and how this is beneficial in your own journey of self confidence. Bio Susan Maddison is a business and mindset coach. Cultural Background Susan is half Filipino and Half English. Favorite Self Confidence Quote Confidence – the sexiest thing a woman can […]
Love Yourself Flaws and All With Tanacae Danick

43: Love Yourself Flaws and All With Tanacae Danick

Tanacae Danick is a successful entrepreneur helping others learn to live life on their own terms.  Life never started that way for Tanacae.  In fact, she used to carry this better than everyone else attitude which was not being true to herself and got into alot of trouble. She started hiding her flaws instead of embracing them and loving them.  Find out what it took Tanacae to love herself again flaws and all, and how she dug deeper to be more real and authentic.  This too can help you in your own journey. Bio Tanacae Danick is a lifestyle-preneur and […]
Be Proactive, Not Reactive With Allyn Reid

42: Be Proactive, Not Reactive With Allyn Reid

Allyn Reid is a successful female entrepreneur with many talents and is also Mrs. San Diego 2015.  She never started as a success, in fact she came from very humble beginnings but it never stopped her from knowing her own capabilities to do great things in life. Find out what help Allyn to be able to create the opportunities she has today and how you can apply this to your own journey to self confidence. Bio Allyn Reid is Mrs. San Diego 2015, Resident Sherpa at Sherpa Press, Co-Creator at Secret Knock and The Secret of Happiness Event. Cultural Background Allyn is […]