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Below you will find my favorite online resources for helping you in all areas of building self confidence.

One of the biggest breakthroughs in building my self-confidence was through the love of blogging and becoming an online entrepreneur.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means I will earn a commission if you make the decision to purchase something. You will only see companies of products I personally use and whole heartedly believe in. These products genuinely help me so I feel confident in recommending them to you if you find them helpful in your life and business.

Free Audio Book

AudioBooks - I have teamed up with this awesome site to provide YOU with a FREE audiobook! I recommend The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.  This was the first book I read to help me in my inner journey to self confidence.

Free Membership Self Confidence Resources

Would you like more resources (free and paid) to help you in your inner journey to self confidence?  Click here to sign up and join for free.

Free Women's Support Group

The Super Women Connection - This group of amazing women has helped me in my days when I was at my lowest point.  The Super Women Connection is a great support system in your life and its women only!  Join the Facebook Group


Perigirls is a free community for women who love to use Periscope or would like to start.  With over 6000 members, you will love the group.

Asian Women Entrepreneurs

Being a woman of Asian decent, I love helping and supporting other Asian women in their entrepreneurial journey.  Join the Facebook group for tips, resources and support.

Support The Podcast

I spend hundreds of hours creating content for The Tao of Self Confidence every month, along with maintaining and paying for the mail and web servers that uphold this site.  A generous support would keep the podcast going.




Work With Me Directly

I believe that being an entrepreneur will definitely help you in your journey to self confidence but you need to learn certain skills to get there.  If you would like to know how to work with me directly to get the skills you need to create the income you desire.  Email me at to see if you qualify.

Auto-responder Services

Get Response: Another great auto-responder service I can highly recommend that is affordable for any entrepreneur.  Get your free trial and $30 coupon.

Landing Page Monkey

Landing Page Monkey: High converting landing pages made easy.  Get more subscribers with this.

Podcasting Software

Audello - This software makes it easy to get your podcast started today, even with no previous experience.  You can save $200 off the price today.

Want to Learn How to Set Up Your Own Podcast?

The Podcast Blueprint - A step by step course that will help you set up your podcast in no time.  Podcasting is the wave of the future and its a great time to start today.

Products Page

Click here to check out products that you can use in your own journey to self confidence.


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