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Finding your inner purpose with the real sun

88: Finding Your Inner Purpose With The Real Sun

The Real Sun, channels her passion, drive, talent, and purpose in life into Art, Healing, Social Justice, and Education. These four things are the pillars and foundation of everything The Real Sun does, is, and creates. It took some time for The Real Sun to realize her inner purpose since she was always ashamed of her heritage. In this episode, you will learn how a trip to The Real Sun’s home country is what she needed to start creating the reality she lives in today. Bio The Real Sun is a singer, educator, artist and community builder. Cultural Background The Real […]
Creating A Positive Impact With Alexandra Black Paulick

87: Creating A Positive Impact With Alexandra Black Paulick

Alexandra Black Paulick is a business junkie at heart. Formerly working for nonprofits, she transitioned to marketing. Still feeling the pull of the nonprofit mentality, she stumbled into the world of social entrepreneurs. Inspired by individuals creating meaningful change in the world, she started the Positive Impact Podcast. This was the perfect blend of her nonprofit background, love for business and marketing outlets. Before Alexandra created her podcast, she was feeling lost and undervalued thinking she could never even think of making a difference in the world.  Find out what it took for Alexandra to realize her own value and […]
Taking A Leap Of Faith With Elizabeth Chan

86: Taking A Leap Of Faith With Elizabeth Chan

Elizabeth Chan is a Billboard charting and award nominated recording artist/producer and CEO of Merry Bright Music Enterprises. Her Christmas songs are number one in New York City in the biggest radio station ever and her songs are played all over the globe. But it took Elizabeth a leap of faith that she can turn her passion for writing Christmas songs into the career of her dreams. Find out in this episode how Elizabeth was able to have faith in abilities despite her nay sayers. It’s a Christmas story you will love. Bio Elizabeth Chan is a Christmas singer, songwriter, […]
Self Awareness and Self Confidence With Bren Koger

85: Self Awareness and Self Confidence With Bren Koger

Bren Koger is an amazing blogger and motivational speaker helping people attract the life that they desire. It’s crazy to think that before all of this, Bren didn’t believe in herself that she could create her own success. She had always thought she could assist in other people’s success instead of her own. But when she started to get aware of herself on the inside, that’s when the magic happened. Find out on this episode what Bren did to be able to create the success that she has today. Bio Bren Kroger is a motivational speak and blogger. Cultural Background […]

84: Stretch Your Potential With Hang Boge

Hang Boge is living the life in Hawaii doing what she loves helping women entrepreneurs with an emotional breakthrough. It’s hard to believe that Hang once had low self confidence. She knew that the only person that was stopping her form her greatness was herself. Find out what Hang did to stretch her potential so that she can live a better life. Bio Hang is a emotional and breakthrough specialist. Cultural Background Hang is of Vietnamese descent, born and raised in Vietnam. Favorite Self Confidence Quote Once you accept yourself, it doesn’t matter if people accept you. Definition of Self […]