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Know Your Worth With Jean Liu

396: Know Your Worth With Jean Liu

Jean Liu is aspiring sports dietician and former competitive power lifter.  She has a passion for exploring methods to optimal health through nutrition and exercise.  Jean believes that nutrition is one of the greatest forms of self love; to care deeply for one’s body and health is to live fully. Living fully goes beyond simply surviving, but instead flourishing and thriving through pursuing the greatest potential that your mind and body can give you. Jean shares her struggles especially the pressure from social media.  She also shares how she was able to look deeply within herself to see and know her true […]
Choices And Alignment With Yvette Lu

395: Choices And Alignment With Yvette Lu

Yvette Lu is an actor, filmmaker, and family physician in Vancouver, BC, Canada. As an actor, she has appeared on various television shows including FOX’s Gracepoint and BBC America’s Intruders. As well, her films have screened on television and in film festivals across North America, including at the Vancouver Asian Film Festival, the Route 66 Film Festival, and on Shaw Multicultural Channel. On the other side of the camera, Yvette has worked as a producer, director, and composer for numerous projects. She produced “Alive and Kicking”, a documentary that won Best in Show at the Near Enemy Film Festival in […]
The Successful Immigrant With Li Lin

394: The Successful Immigrant With Li Lin

Li Lin is the Founder of The Successful Immigrant.  She is a coach for successful immigrants in the US who want to make more money, gain the confidence they want to create their American Dream.  Over the past few years, Li has helped over 100+ immigrant professionals and international students over the past 3 years with H-1B and OPT job search because of her own job hunt experiences.  Because of her online coaching business, Li has been able to change the lives of many successful immigrants all across the USA. Li did not trust in herself and in her abilities […]
Be Your Own Cheerleader With Suzy Nakamura

393: Be Your Own Cheerleader With Suzy Nakamura

Suzy Nakamura is an actress.  She began her professional career doing small plays, including one show in Siberia.  It was a folktale and she played a bird and she performed it in Siberia. Eventually she was hired to tour with the Touring Company of The Second City. She also opened the first two shows at The Second City Detroit. After moving to Los Angeles, she began guest starring on television, eventually landing recurring roles on The West Wing, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Modern Family. She currently stars with Ken Jeong in Dr. Ken on ABC. Suzy shares a tragedy in her […]
Be Yourself With Priska

392: Be Yourself With Priska

Priska, born Priscilla Liang, is a Taiwanese-American singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. In Middle School, she experienced being bullied by her peers and turned to music as an important escape.  She spent a brief time in Fuzhou, China, performing in a televised singing competition, Minnan Idol, in which she placed 2nd in the US and Top 30 overall. Priska is an avid supporter of the Asian-American community in Los Angeles and has been invited to play events for a number of Asian-American clubs and organizations such as TAP, Kollaboration, APA, AAJA, and more. She has collaborated with a number of […]