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292: Everything Is Figureoutable With Elsie Szto

Elsie Szto co-founder of Butterflies and Marigolds, a ladies fashion business based in Singapore and the author and creator of “The A-Z Wardrobe” book and online course. She is passionate about helping women regain control of their wardrobes because she believes that a well-curated wardrobe forms the foundation for authentic personal style. Elsie shares her own struggles and how she finally realized it was upto her to make things change for herself regardless of her circumstances.  She shares what she did to realize that anything in life is figureoutable and it made her be the success she is today.  Check out her episode. Bio [...]

291: Write Your Own Life Script With Zai Miztiq

Zai Miztiq is a celebrity author, 2x Amazon Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Host of ZMTV & Founder of the Sisterhood Mentorship Program and Step UP! movement. It took her almost 15 years of travel and entrepreneurial journey to discover herself. Zai was always too worried about what other people thought of her and because of her mixed background.  When she finally realized that enough was enough, that is when she decided it was upto her to start writing her own life script and started living life on her terms.  Check out today's episode to listen to her story. Bio [...]

290: Tragedy Happens With Steph Kang

Steph Kang, founder of turtle Flow yoga and a E-RYT 500 yoga instructor. turtle Flow yoga is a concept for living a heart-based eco-chic life using the practice of yoga as the main tool. Steph wanted to draw upon the wisdom, longevity and steady paced approach to life with consistency of the turtle’s essence to represent her teaching of yoga. She loves to flow with the rhythm of her breath, which also teaches her to flow with life, not swim against it. Steph's purpose in teaching yoga is to share this approach to her yoga practice with as many people who want to cultivate inner peace and [...]

289: Self Confidence and Self Motivation With Khin Coco

Khin Coco is a freelance Asian model who is passionate in doing photo shoots.  At the age of 17, she decided to move to Singapore by herself to pursue her dreams of becoming a model.  Her photoshoots inspire others to go out there and live life for yourself with positive messages to give others that positive boost. Khin shares what it was like to move to Singapore at such a young age by herself.  The struggles she went through to overcome her self limiting beliefs and how she motivates herself daily to be the successful model that she is today. [...]

293: Something’s Gotta Change With Joanna Soh-Pereira

Joanna Soh-Pereira is the Director and Founder of Macchiato Design and Marketing & Design Consultant for Elusyf Global.  Macchiato Design and Marketing is the communal initiative of three individuals who had set foot into uncharted waters of entrepreneurship in their early 20s. They seek to build businesses and the people that come along with them.  They have lofty ambitions to change the world, through their voice; translated through your works. Joanna has been through some hard times before having success.  She knew in her heart that something had to change in order to become better no matter what situation she [...]