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53: How to Make Your Life Exponentially Better With Erin Sharpe

Erin Sharpe is living the life she always dreamed of. She has a loving husband, a beautiful daughter and a successful business. Its pretty hard to believe that 10 years ago, she didn’t even think she could live a life that she is living today. In this episode, you will learn what took Erin to make her life exponentially better just by finding the courage to believe in herself. Bio Erin Sharpe is a counselor and also a business coach. Cultural Background Erin is of Italian and Irish descent. Favorite Self Confidence Quote Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things […]
Building Self Trust With Marilyn Wo

52: Building Self Trust With Marilyn Wo

Marilyn Wo is an entrepreneur and also has her own successful podcast called The Star Player Academy where she helps athletes get back in their game. Marilyn was a victim of her own self limiting beliefs and never used to trust herself. You may have the same feeling as well. Find out what Marilyn did to build her self trust again and how you can use it as well. Bio Marilyn Wo is a professionally, self-employed graphic designer for 10 years before creating my own podcast middle of 2015. Cultural Background She is Singaporean and her national language is Malay. Favorite […]
recognize your self value with denise cardenas

51: Recognize Your Self Value With Denise Cardenas

Denise Cardenas is a mommy-preneur living a great life with her daughter but life was never that way. She was very negative back then from a past relationship that was attracting the wrong things in her life. Find out what she did to escape that past life and be able to find a happier life now. Bio Denise is a mommy-preneur teaching people how to market on the Internet. Cultural Background Denise is of Mexican and American descent. Favorite Self Confidence Quote Recognize your own self value. Definition of Self Confidence It’s a work in progress.  Being aware that your […]
Breaking The Silence With Karen Foo

50: Breaking The Silence With Karen Foo

Karen Foo is a successful motivational speaker and coach helping clients that are twice and three times her age become successful in their own lives. But Karen was once a very silent girl too afraid of bringing out her voice.  Her silence led her to being bullied and never having the confidence to go after what she wanted to do in life. In this episode, you will learn how Karen was about to break the silence and how you can apply it in your own life. Bio Karen Foo is a motivational speaker and coach. Cultural Background Karen is Malaysian […]
Trust Your Gut With Cheryl Sameit

49: Trust Your Gut With Cheryl Sameit

Cheryl Sameit is Your Marketing SuperMom. She’s a wife, mom to 2 young kids, has a 15+ year career in engineering leadership for a large corporation. Cheryl’s passion is building her business, Start From Now Marketing, to support SuperMoms in accelerating their business income from home because a successful mom is a happy mom, and happy moms = happy families. Cheryl had to go through alot of trust issues in herself to get to where she is today. In this episode, you will learn what it took Cheryl to start trusting her gut to live life on her own terms. […]