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Self Awareness and Self Confidence With Bren Koger

85: Self Awareness and Self Confidence With Bren Koger

Bren Koger is an amazing blogger and motivational speaker helping people attract the life that they desire. It’s crazy to think that before all of this, Bren didn’t believe in herself that she could create her own success. She had always thought she could assist in other people’s success instead of her own. But when she started to get aware of herself on the inside, that’s when the magic happened. Find out on this episode what Bren did to be able to create the success that she has today. Bio Bren Kroger is a motivational speak and blogger. Cultural Background […]

84: Stretch Your Potential With Hang Boge

Hang Boge is living the life in Hawaii doing what she loves helping women entrepreneurs with an emotional breakthrough. It’s hard to believe that Hang once had low self confidence. She knew that the only person that was stopping her form her greatness was herself. Find out what Hang did to stretch her potential so that she can live a better life. Bio Hang is a emotional and breakthrough specialist. Cultural Background Hang is of Vietnamese descent, born and raised in Vietnam. Favorite Self Confidence Quote Once you accept yourself, it doesn’t matter if people accept you. Definition of Self […]
Why Being A Misfit Isn't Bad With Sharron Jamison

83: Why Being A Misfit Isn’t Bad With Sharron Jamison

Sharron Jamison is helping women step into their power through her books and coaching but her life was never that way.  She lives life by being her authentic self without caring what others think of her. As a child, she was ridiculed and degraded because of the color of her skin which gave her low self confidence.  It went as far as going through depression but she knew she had to make a choice so that she can be the person she is today. Find out what it takes to be a misfit in the world and why it can […]
Express Yourself to the Fullest With Ziyang Huang

82: Express Yourself to the Fullest With Ziyang Huang

Ziyang Huang, aka Zi, is a college student and an aspiring writer. At such a young age, she knows what it means to fully express yourself to the fullest. It’s hard to imagine that Zi was so shy to the point that she didn’t even want to talk. Find out the steps she took to get her confidence and be able to express herself without the care of what others think. Bio Ziyang Huang is an aspiring novelist and a freshman in college. Cultural Background Ziyang is of Chinese descent but raised in America. Favorite Self Confidence Quote It’s basically […]
How to Be Unstoppable 24/7 With Kim Justice

81: How to Be Unstoppable 24/7 With Kim Justice

Kim Justice has been doing what she has always dreamed of, travelling the world.  Just this year alone she has travelled to 14 different countries in a span of 5 months. How is that even possible you ask?  Well you have to learn to be unstoppable so that when life hits you with obstacles, you keep on going until you get to your desired outcome. In this episode, Kim will share on how she went from being a negative person to being the unstoppable person that she is today. Bio Kim Justice is an Internet entrepreneur. Cultural Background Kim is a European […]