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Don't Be Embarrassed With Lianne Lin

417: Don’t Be Embarrassed With Lianne Lin

Lianne Lin is a hair and makeup artist.  She was born and raised near Berkeley, CA, went to San Jose state, and then beauty school. Been doing hair for 9 years. Lianne moved to LA for five years, then Taiwan for three years, then back to LA in 2014.  She also has two Youtube channels and likes to do videos on beauty, 90s dance, culture, Taiwan, and personal stories. Lianne used to be easily affected by society and the opinions of others.  Living in Taiwan made her realize that she can be herself and not have to be embarrassed by […]
Gaining Clarity And Purpose With Aarika Lee

416: Gaining Clarity And Purpose With Aarika Lee

Aarika Lee was born, raised and is based in Singapore. She spent much of her 20s studying abroad and now lives in the vibrant city she calls home with her husband, THELIONCITYBOY, where they raise their two children, Zola Mae and Ari Jon.  She is Marketing Director & Copywriter at Elementary Co. Aarika is also a resident artist at The Mad Men Attic Bar on Tuesday nights alongside her band The Next Movement. Aarika shares how she was able to gain clarity and purpose in her life which helped have confidence to pursue the things she wanted to do instead […]
Embrace Your Past With Merlee Jayme

415: Embrace Your Past With Merlee Jayme

Merlee Jayme is the Chairmom and Chief creative officer of Dentsu Jayme Syfu which is one of the marketing and advertising companies in the Philippines.  Merlee has recently released a book Everyone Can Be Creative: Inspiring Habits from an Ex-Nun, where she shares the valuable lessons she has learned from her rigid life inside the Benedictine Monastery, and how they prepared her to become the “Chairmom” and Chief Creative Officer of a world-famous company. Merlee shares how her past living in a convent as a nun in her teens has helped have the confidence to create a successful advertising company, serve […]
Hard Work Pays Off With Gretchen Gatan

414: Hard Work Pays Off With Gretchen Gatan

Gretchen Gatan is a writer and a freelance makeup artist.  Her passion for makeup all started when she began writing for her beauty and lifestyle blog,, in 2013 and became the marketing manager for a beauty discovery platform and makeup distribution company from 2014 to 2016, where she often conducted staff training and makeup workshops.  Being immersed in the beauty industry and writing about beauty inspired her to take up Fashion Makeup at Fashion Institute of the Philippines in Makati, where she was able to learn new techniques, develop her skills, and hone her craft. Gretchen shares how hard […]
Care For Yourself With Cherin Tan

413: Care For Yourself With Cherin Tan

Cherin Tan is the founder of LAANK Private Limited which offers an integrated suite of services that includes experiential design and interior architecture work.  She founded LAANK in 2012, and the company has grown from strength to strength; today, it counts names such as Violet Oon, Resorts World Sentosa, and Bynd Artisan as some of its clients. Cherin handles the creative direction of LAANK and strives to make a difference in the industry by marrying functionality, workmanship, and creativity to create a unique and valuable experience for both customers and users. Cherin used to revolve her life around the opinion […]