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This is Why Every Woman Should Meditate

This is Why Every Woman Should Meditate

We are mothers and daughters, workers and students, wives and lovers: the female essence is powerful and resilient. Turn to any woman and you will immediately know that she is rarely fulfilling only one of these responsibilities, but several. While balancing all of these wonderful roles is rewarding, it can also be draining, and it is often difficult for superheroines to ask for the help they need.

Unfortunately, the natural result of this is stress. Though stress in small quantities is crucial to our survival, prolonged stress and greater amounts of stress are detrimental to our health.

How Meditating Can Help You

No part of the body, mind, or spirit is spared from the side-effects of stress. Fortunately, meditation is a medicine for the body, mind, and spirit. Studies have shown that taking even a few minutes a day to practise mindfulness made women less stressed and more centred.

It Increases Energy Our duties toward our families and ourselves fill up every women’s day. Being this busy all the time can lead to exhaustion and even burnout in extreme cases. What is more, the physical symptoms of stress sap even more precious energy from us. Meditation can boost your overall energy on many different levels. Research suggests that practising mindfulness every  morning helps you tap into your “chi” – or “life force”. We are much more energised when chi can flow unhindered.

It Ups Libido Anxiety, stress and depression are mood killers. Many relationships suffer a lack of intimacy because of the stress that one or more partners are experiencing. Meditating by yourself is great because it allows you to let go of unwanted energies, and release the harmony you want in your life. Of course, there is also that boost in energy! You intuitively become more attractive to your partner when you feel good about yourself. But why not try meditating with your partner? It is a simple but powerful way to strengthen intimacy.

It Gives You Better Skin It is no oldwife’s tale that stress causes pimples – it’s true! Our bodies release hormones called androgens when we are under more stress than usual (the most well-known androgen is testosterone). Sure enough, a spike in androgens does cause skin breakouts: pimples, rashes, you name it. Having a soothing morning or evening meditation routine will calm the mind and relax the body enough to see a marked difference in your skin.

It Calls for Peaceful Sleep Stress disrupts sleep and causes insomnia. In turn, insomnia makes us more prone to stress. Not a good cycle, is it? Bedtime meditations [] help to relax the muscles and calm our anxious thoughts. Restful sleep is incredibly important for your wellbeing, so definitely try the technique described below if you are struggling with sleepless nights.

Meditations for Any Schedule!

Meditations don’t have to be weeklong retreats into the mountains (though, wouldn’t that be nice?) Our schedules are so demanding that we barely have time to put on our makeup! These mediations only require a few minutes of your day, and they are simple enough to fit into any routine. There is no right or wrong way to meditate, so please feel free to incorporate and adjust these as you feel fit.


Mantras/ Prayers/ Affirmations It doesn’t matter what you call it: speaking positive affirmations and expressing gratitude is a powerful way to start your day. This will be according to your personal beliefs, of course. Saying a prayer works as a meditation too. It can be as straightforward as simply saying “thank you” to your deity. You can also add mantras to your makeup routine! While looking in the mirror, say out loud to yourself: “I am beautiful” or “this is going to be a great day.”

Stretches You can align your body and mind by meditating while you stretch. Stretching is an instant way to awaken your chi, and get your muscles firing. At the same time, it isn’t too strenuous – if you stay within your limits and gradual build yourself up – so you can quiet your mind and relax into peaceful thoughts. Why not look up a video or two to learn some easy yoga poses that fit your specific needs? For example, the “tree pose” is wonderful if you are feeling off centre emotionally or physically. “Warrior poses” are also great if you need a boost in confidence and strength.

Breathe The research is concrete: most of us are not breathing properly. We rarely breathe consciously, and we tend to hold our breath or breathe too shallowly. When panicked, we hyperventilate. None of these things practises are good for us. Whenever you are feeling flustered, stop, walk away and breathe. Focus on your breath. Focus on how your muscles respond to your breath. You don’t have to do anything uncomfortable either, like taking huge gulps of air, for example. Simply become mindful of your breath, and allow it to flow naturally. This is a great way to unlock your chi.

Contract… Release Try this meditation if you have trouble relaxing at night. Switch off all electronic appliances, darken your room, and lie down comfortably on your back. Take a few minutes to become aware of your breath, and allow it to flow naturally. Tune into your body. Wiggle your toes, scrunch up your nose – anything that aligns your awareness with your body. Now start from your toes and contract them. When you relax them again, visualize the tension completely leaving that part of your body. Slowly work yourself up, from toes, fingertips, to your every region of your face. Finally, do the same with your mind: visualize all your busy thoughts contained in a glowing ball of light, and then release it. You should feel a sense of ease and your mind should be quieted.

Intimate Meditation This simple mediation is done with your partner. It will help both of you relax, and increase the intimate bond between the two of you. There are no hard and fast rules, so you can adjust this as you go along. Close your bedroom door, and make sure that all electronic appliances are off. Switch off the light and light some candles. You can choose to sit together or lie down together. Touch one another gently, smile, and look into each other’s eyes. Simply take some time to be quiet while you appreciate one another. When you do speak, take turns only speaking positive affirmations to one another. Tell your partner what you love about them, and let them compliment you too. Embrace the wonderful things your partner is saying! Do not speak about your problems or your day. Use this time only to focus your love onto your partner.

Try to do your mediations daily so that you consistently keep up your spirits. It only takes a few minutes each day to become a healthier and happier person.

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  • June 28, 2017

    I may have just not noticed before but this seems to be a guest post on your blog, Sheena? Cool. Meditation is a healthy habit for sure.

  • Lynn Guilfoyle
    June 30, 2017

    I love to meditate. It is an essential part of my daily spiritual practice.

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