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How to Create a Vision Board to Influence Reality and Attract Your Desires

How to Create a Vision Board to Influence Reality and Attract Your Desires

Over the past few years, everyone from self-help gurus to psychologists have been seemingly talking about the power and the influence of vision boards. These simple, yet effective tools may seem more like a middle school art project than a life-changing guide towards your future, but these boards are extremely powerful tools that can actually influence reality and help you achieve that which you desire most.

It is great to have resolutions, whether they are for a phase in your life, a new month, a new day or a new year. However, resolutions are just words and ideas. Vision boards actually help you see not only what you want to accomplish but what your life can be like when your goals finally come to fruition.

At first glance, a vision board may just seem like a random collection of words and images, but they are so much more. When done correctly, vision boards are guides to help you stay focused, help you see what you want to accomplish and to help you attract your desires while making changes that really matter.

However, in order to curate a vision board that actually accomplishes all of this, the vision board must be done correctly. This a step-by-step guide on how to make the type of vision board that can actually change your future, and your life.

1.  Begin by Brainstorming


Every big idea begins with a good brainstorming session, and creating a vision board is no exception. Before you start creating your board, you need to sit down and start thinking about what it is that you really want. Begin with a big scope and start jotting down whatever comes to mind. The key in doing this is to be honest with yourself. You will never get anywhere if you aren’t honest with yourself.

These brainstorming ideas can include visions you have for virtually any part of your life including:

  • Your marriage
  • Your children
  • Your professional life
  • Your personal life
  • Your mental and spiritual well being
  • Your health
  • Your social life
  • Your relationships with family
  • Your home life
  • Your wealth
  • Your material possessions
  • Your self-worth

No matter what it is that you want for yourself, simply write it down. This doesn’t mean what you think you should put down. Honesty is the difference between a vision board that attracts your real desires and one that fails to work.

If you want a better relationship with your brother, write it down. If you want to lose 10 pounds, write it down. If you want to take a cruise, write it down. If you want an expensive handbag, write it down.

Don’t worry about the how or the why, or what you need to do to make these things with reality, it is all about getting your thoughts on paper.

Besides, there are never any bad ideas in brainstorming.

2.  Hone in on Your Goals


Once you have everything you could ever imagine written down with your brainstorming activity, it is time to hone in on your goals. Otherwise you may have a vision board that is so big and broad that you can lose focus on what it is that you are actually trying to change.

Decide what it is that you truly want to accomplish and the things that you want most. Again, it doesn’t matter what desires they are, it just matters that they are desires you actually want to accomplish. It is OK if losing 10 pounds is more important than getting a promotion at work.

Pick between 5-10 goals and give yourself a realistic timeline. Maybe it is one year, maybe it is five, but picking a timeline that works with the goals that you have is crucial.

For example, if you want to buy a house and haven’t started saving yet, having this as part of your vision board in a year, may not be realistic. However, making it part of your five-year vision board can be much more in-tune with reality.

Pick the goals that are most important to you and get ready to start creating

3.  Craft a Vision


This is where your creative side comes into play. Now that you have your goals, it is time to start crafting your vision board. Photos are going to be the base of your vision board so begin by collecting lots of magazines filled with photos.

Start selecting images that coincide with the vision that you have for your future based on your goals. Start collecting and arranging these photos on your board in a design that you love. It doesn’t have to look organized or beautiful to anyone else, it simply needs to be what speaks to you and what appeals to you. Cut out photos of a brother and sister getting along, the purse you want or the cruise you wish you could take.

Organize these photos on your board so that when you look at them you see yourself and see the life you want in these images. When you look at your photos you should thing “that is the handbag I’m going to have,” or “this is the body I’m going to achieve.” This is the key to taking thoughts and images and translating them into a way to actually alter reality.

This is your vision for your future, no one else’s, so the photos need to mean something to you even if the average person doesn’t see your dreams in the images.

4.  Add Your Affirmations


A truly motivating vision board, one that can actually facilitate change, should have more than just images on it, you should also put words to your vision by adding affirmations. These can be motivational phrases or words that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel on a daily basis.

If your vision board includes being independent use words like “free” if you want to be financially stable use words like “rich” if you want to workout more use “strong” or “healthy.” No matter what it is you should find some words that describe how you want to feel. They can even just be words that you want to feel more like “loved” or “cherished.” Just like with photos, these words need to speak to you.

Truly successful boards are those that elicit feelings or emotional responses because emotions are so powerful that they can actually help you facilitate the change you want to see. If your vision board does not make you feel a certain way, then you are only looking and images and things, you aren’t finding the motivation you will need to make those things a reality.

5.  Put Your Work into Action


Once your vision board is complete, you aren’t done with your practice. You need to put this board somewhere that you can see it each and every day, so that it can motivate you on a regular basis. Make time in your schedule to review your vision board at least once per day. Maybe you put it in your closet next to your mirror, on your nightstand or perhaps you put it near the coffee maker so you can contemplate it first thing in the morning.

A lot of people like to look at their dream boards right before bed as it can give them something to think about or visualize before they go to sleep. However, ultimately when and how you review your board is up to you.  Remember, your vision board is extremely personal, not only in terms of content but in terms of how and when you use it. The only key is to make it part of your daily routine.

As time goes on and you begin to get closer to your goals and your dreams start to manifest, make sure that you continue to look at your dream board and at the words and images that you put out there for yourself. Take the time to feel grateful for the changes you have made to your reality and think of your board as a representation of the achievements you have made. Don’t remove images just because one of your dreams has become reality, continue to use your board of a reminder of what is possible if you just visualize and dream so you can achieve.

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