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about the tao of self confidence

My Background

In 2015, I decided to create a podcast discussing about self confidence and since then it has been creating a positive impact in people's lives.

It wasn't easy but it was definitely worth the ride!

My Mission

To teach you how to build self confidence from the ground up.

Talking honestly about everything from learning to love yourself to reminding yourself that your are worthy of a better life.

"I have been a long time podcast listener, particularly in the realm of personal development.  Now it seems I've finally found a what I've been looking for!  And so far your podcast is wonderful, I feel like I have a group of supportive women behind me in listening to it and it's inspiring to hear the stories behind successful women who have been through similar struggles as me.  I'm happy you made this podcast and look forward to hearing more of it. :)"

Kay Blue, USA

The Tao Of Self Confidence Podcast

  • Publishes Every Monday through Friday at 12:08 AM EST
  • Show runs from September to beginning or mid April
  • Segments Include:
    • A powerful woman's interview
    • Her life before discovering self confidence
    • Her AHA moment
    • Her life after discovering self confidence
    • Self Confidence tips you can use in your own journey


"Sheena interviews confident, inspiring women from all over the world to share their stories with you to help you unlock your inner self."

Sumbul Tsang, United Kingdom

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