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What YOU can expect from TheTaoOfSelfConfidence

Sheena Yap Chan here, the founder & host of The Tao Of Self Confidence.

The Tao of Self Confidence podcast is a 15 - 30 minutes show packed with ways to build up your self confidence in all areas of your life.

Self confidence is the most important trait to have in every aspect of your life, yet so many people struggle to find it.

Self confidence was also an issue I had to deal with in my own life.  Coming from a traditional Asian family, I had to do what others told me to do and never make any noise.

It is said that people who gain self confidence can find it easier to succeed whether its business, personal or love.

The purpose of this show is to help YOU find your inner journey to self confidence so that you can start living a better life.

I broke out of that circle and decided that if I wanted things to change... I had to change.

So I went out on my journey to finding the self confidence to live life on my own terms.  Although I had challenge along the way, every part of my journey was worth it!

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And I want the same for you.  I will be here for you to help to your journey to your inner self confidence.  You deserve more to life and its time to go out and get it.

The best part you may be on this journey for yourself but never by yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Always remember I believe in YOU and I will do whatever it takes to help you break out of your shell


Sheena Yap Chan

"Founder and host of The Tao of Self Confidence"

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